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Setting Up Voter Registration
Setting Up Voter Registration
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Impactive’s new custom voter registration feature allows campaigns to motivate their volunteers to register voters by leveraging a branded voter registration page.

In 2020, campaigns used the old voter registration feature to encourage voter registrations by providing a portal to register voters.

In 2022, Impactive is keeping similar functionality, but upgrading this feature to be functional on web and mobile devices. The new feature also highlights team and individual contributions to the voter registration efforts using:

  • A central, branded campaign webpage

  • Referral links

  • Progress thermometers

  • Incentives

  • Team and individual leaderboards


Whether you’re a political campaign, or non-profit looking to increase voter registration, use the new custom voter registration page to create engaging, gamified and thoughtful registration actions this campaign season.

How it works

For voters

For voters, the registration page allows them to search the national voter file to get voting information for their state while also allowing them to to check their voter registration. If a voter isn’t registered, the page links out to state specific registration pages so that voters can register to vote. If the voter is registering in a state that does not allow voter registration online, Impactive will still provide information to register in person or by mail.

For the campaign

Using a beautiful header image and profile picture, campaigns can extend their brand presence on the publicly accessible voter registration page.

The VR page can also be gamified.

  • Using a goal thermometer, the campaign can show progress towards the desired amount of registrations by displaying the remaining amount of registrations required to reach the goal.

  • Using both team and individual leaderboards, the campaign can encourage friendly competition by displaying the top performers prominently on the page.

  • Campaigns can add an “Incentives” section to the voter registration page. Campaigns can use this feature to encourage volunteers to compete for a prize, like a trip to visit a celebrity or a gift basket, etc.

Lastly, to help campaigns track results for registration efforts, once the voter completes the process of looking up their registration, Impactive records the voter’s registration status, their contact information, and who referred them as metrics in the Impactive admin. This helps campaigns leverage the data for tracking, future follow-up or organizing activities.

For volunteers

Volunteers can leverage the voter registration page by generating their own unique referral link. This allows volunteers to get credit for their registrations whenever they’re circulating the link on an Impactive action or elsewhere.

This unique URL also ensures that the individual and their teams are getting credit for the voter registration in the registration page leaderboard, which encourages friendly competition and gamification.

Note: Voter registration actions do not appear in the Impactive mobile app like other actions.

Activation and costs

Existing clients can contact [email protected] to get access right away. New and returning clients can schedule a demo to learn more about getting out the vote with Impactive.

Pricing starts at $0.08 per unique voter registration check, with discounts available for bulk commitments.


Create the action

To setup the voter registration page, navigate to you Impactive admin > Actions and click on “Voter Registration”.


Create a new voter registration page by clicking “+Create Action”.

Customize the page

Under “media upload” add an image to help volunteers identify the activity in their volunteer app.

Under “hero upload” and “mobile hero upload” add images you want to prominently display in the web and mobile version of the voter registration page respectively. Note, for the “hero upload” ​, we recommend a 1600x778px image vs. 800x1200px image for the mobile hero upload.

Give the action a title and a description to help supporters understand what they’re working with.


Similar to other Impactive actions, you can also create terms and conditions to send to supporters to read when creating an account.


Next use the following fields to engage your supporters:

  • Join video - upload a video to explain the action, the Impactive tool or provide instructions.

  • Registration goal - set a target number of registrations; these will display in a goal thermometer which fills up as registrations increase.

  • Incentives - use this field to display rewards or gifts for reaching target registration goals.

When creating a Voter Registration action, admins can choose whether or not to show their contacts on the leaderboard by default. By default, this setting is toggled on.

  • Contacts can also decide whether or not they want to appear publicly on the leaderboard, and can decide to opt in the campaign's SMS and email communications.

Once this is complete, navigate to “Ready to publish” to take the action live.

Accessing the voter registration page

Once the action is published, you can access the public facing voter registration page using the URL displayed for your action in the admin under Actions > Voter Registration.

Distribute this URL to your volunteers or include it in any Impactive voter outreach to start registering voters!

The voter registration page

The voter registration page is split into three sections.


First, the campaign brand section. This includes your hero images, but more importantly the call-to-action to register to vote and the referral link. Your description and join video will also appear here.


The incentives and team leaderboard section.


The leaderboard of your top performing volunteers.

Driving voter registration

Direct voters to the call-to-action button (“Get Started” and “Check Registration” below) for voter registration.


Once supporters click on the registration, they will be prompted to enter their current registration status.


Below is an explanation on the three registration buttons:

    • I have registered to vote before - this opens an intake form that helps the voter lookup their registration status using the voter file.

    • I need to register to vote - this opens an intake form that then directs you to the appropriate registration page for your state.

    • I can’t vote but want to help - this allows non-voters to register voters on their behalf.

Once a voter completes their registration, they will be redirected to a modal page that includes important voting information like crucial voting dates, their registration status, as well as information to print out or request a mail-in application.


Leveraging referrals

When supporters visit the voter registration page, they can send personalized referral links that direct friends and family back to the campaign’s registration page. Simply have them click on “get referral link” to start the process.

This will enable the voter to share registration using their own link and on social media.


Tracking results

Admins can view their link tracking/referral results on the "View Results" page of their Voter Registration actions. Like other Impactive actions, you can track results on the “View results” section or export them.


Under overview, review volunteer metrics and performance. Additional metrics tabulate registration data so that your campaign is apprised of how many voters are using the page.


Lastly, scroll down to user engagement to view exactly which voters have registered and their specific status. As with any action, you can also export results to a CSV.

There are two default custom fields to automatically record contact outcomes of the voter registration flow.

  • Completed Voter Registration At: An updated timestamp of when the contact last filled out the Voter Registration form

  • Voter Registration Status: The contact’s outcome from the form (Unregistered, Registered, Can’t Vote, or Wrong Address)

Export Registrations

At the bottom of the View Results page, you can click on the "Export Registrations" button to view:

  • Registered = who was already registered and in the voter file, and our flow gave them voting info.

  • Unregistered = who was not yet registered, and our flow pointed them to the correct SoS website with instructions.

  • Different Address = who was already registered and in the voter file, but at the wrong address for where they plan to vote, and our flow pointed them to the correct SoS website with instructions on updating their address.

  • Unable To Vote = who was not eligible to vote.

Coming soon

  • The ability to create team specific voter registration pages.

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