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To most effectively interact with your network, you can utilize the ENGAGE tab on your dashboard. Once there, you'll see several options. Here's a walkthrough of what each of these functions allows you to do.

  • Direct Messages
  • Push Notifications
  • Emails
  • Broadcast SMS
  • Reports

Here's a walkthrough of what each of these tabs allows you to do:


Direct Messages

The “Direct Messages” tab will allow you to send messages directly to your volunteers through the app. We recommend sending messages to your volunteers to alert them of a new action, or to share campaign updates semi-regularly.

  • These messages will show up in their app INBOX.
  • If their app notifications are turned on, they will also receive a push notification that says “New message from (the name of the admin sending the message): (the entered message text.)”
  • This message can be scheduled for a future time of your choice.



Push Notifications

The “Push Notifications” tab allows you to send a pop-up notification to your volunteers’ phones. We recommend sending a push notification every time a new action is published.

  • IMPORTANT NOTE: They must be logged into Impactive app and keep push notifications enabled in their phone settings for this to work.
  • The notification will appear with the campaign name and the entered reminder text.
  • The notification can be scheduled for a future time of your choice.




The “Emails” tab allows you to send an email to your volunteers. We recommend sending occasional emails to volunteers who mostly use the web platform, or are more comfortable on web, to keep them engaged and aware of your newest actions.

  • IMPORTANT NOTE: Emails will show up as being from support@impactive.io.
  • The name of the campaign will show up as the Subject line of the email.
  • The entered reminder text will show up in the body of the email.
  • The email can be scheduled for a future time of your choice.



Broadcast SMS

The “Broadcast SMS” tab allows you to send a text message to a user list of your choice. For more information about broadcast actions, visit our help page Broadcast SMS: Getting Started Guide.




The “Reports” tab lists the tags and custom fields that your volunteers have been filling out across all your various actions on Impactive. You can upload these reports into VAN, PDI, or other platforms by export them to a CSV file at the bottom of the page.



Pro Tip: You can also send direct messages, push notifications, and emails from the USERS: All Users tab and within an action’s Results page.



You can even filter to send them only to a specific subset of users that meet certain criteria of your choosing! Learn more about filtering here.



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