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Strategy Tips: Ways to Encourage User Engagement
Strategy Tips: Ways to Encourage User Engagement
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The power of Impactive comes from volunteers leveraging their networks. The more often your supporters use Impactive, the further the reach of your activism or campaigning. Supporters can encourage friends to perform a variety of actions including take a pledge, sign a petition, make a donation, or RSVP for an event. Sharing with your supporters why their help is important whether it’s because it helps increase turnout of infrequent voters or helps reach communities often ignored by mainstream channels - helps provide a sense of responsibility and pride.

Now comes the hard part - how do you keep your supporters and volunteers engaged with your Impactive account?

First Steps to Grow Your User Base on Impactive

  • Always have a few “lower hanging fruit” actions such as a friend to friend texting action, an open a webpage action inviting volunteers to a virtual event, and a social sharing action. You can pin these to the top of your page to encourage initial completion when volunteers first download Impactive using the feature action capability.

  • Send a push notification to new users every time you publish an action to be sure they understand where to find the action, and can complete it.

  • Set your staff as a welcomer to follow up with new users in Direct Messages. We will automatically send a welcome message on your behalf, but be sure to follow up if folks have questions or to invite new volunteers to join a new vol training call.

  • Encourage new volunteers to join your community outside of just the Impactive app by sending them a DM, Peer to Peer message, or an email through Impactive with an invitation to a volunteer training call or virtual community meeting.

  • Host relational house parties, similar to a text bank but with music!

  • Establish friend to friend super volunteer trainers, a small subset of volunteers who spend extra time training to help guide others.

  • Utilize teams and leaderboards to gamify volunteering.

  • Organize affinity groups into teams based off of interest or identity by assigning a team leader and inviting relevant people to each team.

  • Share distinct actions/push notifications/messages to particular teams.

  • Create incentives for completing actions and reaching milestones, incentives such as virtual meet and greets with candidates or swag with logos tend to be popular.

Best Action types for Continued Engagement

  1. Open a Webpage, RSVP to Virtual Training or Community Event

  2. Social Sharing Evergreen action

  3. Submit a Testimonial, to highlight stories of other strong volunteers and encourage story of self

With regular notifications to supporters as well as new actions for them to participate in you can keep your supporters coming back to see your latest ways to get involved and continue spreading the word!

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