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Users & Lists





There are two different types of lists in Impactive: user lists and contact lists. These can be found in the respective USERS and CONTACTS tabs. These lists allow administrators to easily upload, organize, and target through contacts, volunteers, and supporters. You can access user lists by clicking on the USERS tab in the left-hand menu, and contact lists by clicking on the CONTACTS tab.


User Lists are comprised of the volunteers and administrators in your campaign.

  • By default, Impactive provides campaigns with an “All Users” list.
  • Volunteers are automatically added to the “All Users” list when they join the campaign, or are added manually through email address or importing.
  • Users can be organized into lists to assign them specific actions and see their activity. You can also organize them based on geography, district, or even demographics.

Contact Lists are comprised of people you want to target in your actions. They could be potential supporters, voters, or any universe of people in your sphere of influence.

  • Contact lists are not generated automatically and must be uploaded using a CSV.
  • Upload and manage all of your contact lists to text using Peer-to-Peer actions.

Creating User Lists

There are two ways to create lists of users: by uploading a CSV, or creating one in “All Users.” To upload your own data:

  1. In the USERS tab, click on “Lists” in the left-hand navigation menu.

  2. Click on “Import User List” in the upper left-hand corner of the page.

  3. Type a Name for the list you want to create.

  4. Upload a CSV file. You must provide the following required parameters: first_name, last_name, and email. Warning: DO NOT upload lists larger than 250K during daytime hours! Any list larger than 250K MUST be uploaded between 11pm-10am ET!


  5. Click on the “Start Import” button.

  6. The list will now appear on the page. It may take a while for the list to process depending on the size of the file. Check the Status column to see if the list is “ready” to be used.



You can also create a new list in the “All Users” tab within the USERS page:

  1. Check the box(es) next to the desired user(s).
  2. Select “Create List From Selection”.
  3. Enter a name for the list in the pop-up box and click the “Create List” button.
  4. Click on the “Lists” tab under USERS to view your new list.



Managing User Lists

In each list, you’ll see a “Summary” at the top, as well as a section for managing the users in that list. Here are some quick definitions of the metrics provided:


  • Users Synced: represents the number of users who have successfully synced contacts to Impactive.
  • Friends Known: represents the number of contacts that have been synced to Impactive.
  • Friends Matched: represents the number of contacts who have been matched to our National Voter File. Only around 30% of friends and family can be matched to the voter file due to the limited number of registered voters across the US and because some contacts may not have the phone number or name required by our algorithm to match to the voter file.
  • In District: If a district has been specified for the campaign, this shows the number of contacts that live in that district.
  • Messaged: represents the number of messages that have been successfully delivered.
  • Recruited: represents the number of volunteers that have been recruited by your users.
  • Reports Filled: represents the number of reports that have been filled out by your volunteers.


Filtering through user lists is an effective way to search contacts that have been interacted with. In the “Manage Users” section of the list, click on the "Filters" drop-down menu and select the criteria you want to use to search through your contacts.


For more information about managing user lists and volunteers, visit our help page Admin: Users.



You can organize your lists by creating folders for different categories.



Using User Lists

Once you’ve created a user list, it can be used for a number of different functions.

Sending Direct Messages

Within the list page, you can send those volunteers a push notification, email, or direct message to their Impactive app inbox. You can also send them a specific action to complete.




Find out who has or hasn’t completed an action, or which of your volunteers has contacts in a given state or district. Explore the Filters drop-down menu to explore all the options you have to choose from!



Exporting Volunteer Data

You can export data about a volunteer list and all of the actions they have completed by clicking the “Export Users” button in the top right corner or bottom left corner of the Manage Users section.



Creating Contact Lists

Contact lists are typically used for Peer-to-Peer actions or Broadcast actions. The most common way contact lists are created is in another software or database, such as VAN, and uploading a CSV file directly into Impactive.

  1. In the CONTACTS tab, click on “Lists” in the left-hand navigation menu.
  2. Click on the “Import List” button on the upper right-hand part of the page.
  3. In the pop-up box, enter a name for the list and upload your CSV file.
  4. In the “List Type” drop-down menu, select either Contact or Broadcast List.
  5. Click the “Start Import” button and your new list will appear with the status “processing”. The list will soon be “ready” to use.



IMPORTANT NOTE: You must provide the following required column headers in the CSV: first_name, last_name, and phone. Impactive will not upload people if these columns are not explicitly named with the above headers.


Additionally, if you want your data to sync back to NGP VAN, you must also provide a van_id column in the CSV file. If you want your data to sync back to PDI, you must also provide a pdi_id column.


Managing Contact Lists

Next, you can manage your contacts for this list.



Filtering through lists is an effective way to find contacts that have been interacted with. Click on the "Filter" button to select the criteria to search through your contacts. You can use contact information, broadcast and opt-ins, contact activity, and geography.



Creating new lists from other lists

Once you have used filters to segment your contact lists, you can create new contact lists by clicking the "New Contact List" button. This will create a new contact list from the list of currently filtered contacts. You can also add contacts to another already created list by clicking on the “Add to Contact List” button.


Assigning Contacts to Volunteers

Reassign specific contacts to volunteers (users) by using the "Assign Contact" button. To learn more about contact assignment, click here.


Using Contact Lists

Once a contact list is uploaded, it can be used for a number of different functions.

Peer-to-Peer Actions

To use a specific contact list in a peer-to-peer action, you can "Select a list to target" when creating or editing an action. Visit our help page Creating and Managing P2P Actions for more steps on how to do this. Once the action is published, volunteers will be able to contact the people on this list for the action.


Broadcast Actions

Similar to Peer-to-Peer actions, you can use specific contact lists for broadcast actions. For specific steps on how to create a broadcast action, visit our help page Broadcast SMS: Getting Started Guide.

Analyzing Metrics

Lists will include contact metrics. This information will help you understand how actions towards a list have performed. To access the metrics, click on a list. You'll see the following Summary metrics:


  • Messages Received: This represents the number of messages that have successfully been delivered to these contacts.
  • Responses: This represents the number of responses that have been successfully received by your volunteers from these contacts. This does not include messages between friends, as we are unable to track responses from friends that are on volunteers' personal phone numbers or email accounts.
  • Opt-outs: This represents the number of contacts that have opted out using stop words such as "STOP", "UNSUBSCRIBE", and "REMOVE", among others. This is combined with the number of contacts that have been manually unsubscribed by your volunteers using the "Opt-Out" tag. Assigning the "Opt-Out" tag to a contact will automatically unsubscribe them from your texting programs.
  • Reports Filled: This represents the number of reports that have been filled out by your volunteers.

Syncing with NGP VAN

For larger organizations working in NGP VAN, we recommend setting up a SavedList sync integration. With this integration, you can automatically pull lists of targeted contact from VAN into Impactive. Visit our article on How to Sync a Saved List from NGP VAN for more information.


Exporting Contact Data

Contact lists can always be exported as CSVs so that you can repurpose them in your canvassing and mobilizing efforts. To do this, scroll to the bottom of the list and click "Export Contacts". You can export the data as is, or filter by date, tags, and custom fields.




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