7/28/21 - Upgraded inbox (web app)

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Navigate your inbox more effectively with Impactive's upgraded inbox for the web app. This release is inspired by our desire to improve the user experience for web users, especially those handling a large volume of incoming peer-to-peer messages.



The new web inbox with the reports sidebar collapsed


The new web inbox with reports sidebar closed


What's New?

Improved visuals

The user interface is now much easier to navigate. Unread messages are more prominent, allowing users to quickly identify which messages have been read or unread.

Note - this does not apply to the message thread that users are currently in. In order to see the latest message threads, they would still need to reload the message with the 'reload' icon in the upper right of the message thread.

We had also improved filters! Filters are no longer a dropdown box so that the user can easily click between 'all, unread, needs attention' and see the number of unread messages waiting for them.



Fewer clicks

The "Fill Report" button is now open by default in the right-hand panel (unless it's a smaller screen size) which allows users to quickly see tags and fill reports.

The right-hand panel can now be open or closed to allow more space for messages using the little << icon in the upper right.

Follow-up scripts are now open by default and easier to read, scroll and choose. No more zooming in to find the right one! Inbox_-__Sidebar_-_Templates_scripts.png

Messages load automatically

New incoming messages now load automatically in the messages/left-hand panel. Users no longer have to click refresh incessantly or sit idly wondering when the next messages will arrive.

Other improvements

The back button on the upper left corner now goes back into the action (not the home page). This allows a user to easily return to their action to send more texts instead of having to go find the action on the home page again.

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