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9/5/21 - Refreshed volunteer experience (mobile app)
9/5/21 - Refreshed volunteer experience (mobile app)
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With Impactive's refreshed volunteer experience, volunteering on the mobile app is now more seamless than ever before! Review this guide to understand what's new and improved on the app.

Action tab

Work on one campaign at a time

Volunteers will now work on a single campaign at a time by choosing an active campaign. This new orientation helps volunteers organize their campaign activities in a clearer way.

To access, simply toggle the campaign icon at the top of the action screen and select the active campaign of your choice.

Once selected, every page in the app will be campaign specific. This means functionality including the inbox, leaderboards, and the reports feature will be configured to the active campaign.


Improved organization of your action feed

Feel in control of your action feed with new tools to organize actions.

Sort your feed by action type with our new sorting feature.


Quickly find an action using the search bar.


Save or archive an action by swiping OR by clicking into the action card and pressing πŸ’Ÿ to save the action and πŸ“₯ to archive the action.


Quickly filter through recent, saved and archived actions (see save and archive feature below)


Improvements to perform an action

Action images and videos are now more prominent. Users now have instructions on how to perform the action under "Instructions".


Inbox tab

Quickly prioritize conversations with our redesigned mobile inbox.

Archive messages

Declutter and mute message threads by archiving messages in the inbox.

To archive a message, simply swipe left on a message thread and toggle the πŸ“₯ icon.

Archived messages are removed from the inbox and stored in an "Archive" folder.

To unarchive a conversation, simply navigate to the "Archive" folder, and similarly, swipe left on a message thread and toggle the πŸ“₯ icon.

And don't worry, if you get a new message in an archived thread, the thread will automatically move back into your inbox.


Leaderboard tab

Introducing the new leaderboard tab. Volunteers can now easily check in the performance of their teams by navigating to the middle tab in the mobile app and clicking on the πŸ† icon.

Leaderboards and teams are locked for one campaign at a time

Leaderboards and teams are now locked to a single campaign at a time. This allows volunteers to consistently visit the leaderboard for the campaign they are presently working on.


Navigating through different campaigns

Need to switch campaigns? Users can change the active campaign under the tab at the top left to toggle through different campaign leaderboards.


Need to browse other public campaigns as a volunteer? The campaign search functionality is still there, simply click on the campaign logo on the upper left and select "+ join another campaign". This will bring up the campaign search and browse functionality.


Expanded teams functionality

Join other teams easily by clicking on the join buttons.

Edit your team's information directly in the leaderboard tab.


Contacts tab

Introducing the upgraded contact management system for the contacts tab. Found under the πŸ“’ icon, the tab has been upgraded to make it easier for volunteers to manage, filter, and take action on their contacts.

Managing contact lists

Users can now add a new contact to their contact lists without having to resync their contact lists. Simply click on "+Add new contact" to add the new contact.


Easily expand the campaign's volunteer base with the new bulk invitation feature. Simply select contacts and push the "Invite Contacts" button at the bottom of your screen. This will send a text message from the campaign to users with information on joining the campaign.

  • Delete contacts from your contact list by clicking on "..."

  • Unsyncing and resyncing your lists is now more intuitive.

Filtering lists

Contact filters now have subtitles to make them more clear.


Taking action

Making updates to contact information ad-hoc? No need to resync your contacts, simply update phone numbers and name information directly under the contact profile.


Quickly view and update tags on your contacts by updating reports directly under a profile.



We’re excited for volunteers to begin exploring these upgrades. We welcome feedback as we continue to improve our experience for activists looking to make a difference. Administrators, if you have questions on any of these upcoming changes, or need help communicating them to your volunteer teams, reach out to [email protected].

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