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Volunteer Walkthrough: Peer-to-Peer Texting
Volunteer Walkthrough: Peer-to-Peer Texting
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Joining a Campaign on Impactive

In order to participate in a Peer to Peer (P2P) texting action for a campaign, first “Join” the campaign on Impactive as a volunteer:

  1. Download the app.

  2. You will be prompted to enter a unique 6 digit campaign code to join a campaign.

    1. Alternatively, you can click "SEARCH FOR A CAMPAIGN.”

    2. If you’d like to join any additional campaigns, click on to the name of the campaign at the top of the screen, scroll to the bottom and click on “+ Join another campaign...” where you can search by name, issue, or join code.

    3. Click “Join +” in the upper right-hand corner.


Start Sending Messages

  1. Select a Peer to Peer texting action.

  2. Review the description and instructions, and click on the start button to begin.

  3. You will see a screen with the script and the name of the recipient. Click “Send.”

  4. Once you finish the texts that are assigned to you and you are ready for more, click “Text Again.” You can stop texting at any time.


Manage Replies

Navigate to the Inbox to view replies to your messages.


To continue the conversation with the folks you are texting, click on the message thread, click “FOLLOW UP” to see the pre-drafted response script options, select a response script, and send the message directly within the Impactive app.


Note: Some campaigns may allow you to type your own replies. If you’re not sure how to respond or which pre-drafted script to use, please reach out to your campaign contact for further instructions.

Filling Out Reports

After you have finished texting the list of contacts, fill out a report on the interaction or response you had with the individual.

Don’t skip this step - filling out reports is vital to the work you’re doing and ensures the campaign has the data they need to inform their outreach strategy.

Follow these steps to fill out a report:

  1. Go to the Inbox tab.

  2. Click on the conversation with the contact.

  3. When you click “FILL REPORT,” a list of toggles and custom fields will appear.

  4. Swipe the toggles accordingly and fill out any custom fields that are relevant.


Keep an eye on your inbox - folks might text you back at any time. Use the response scripts to follow up with them and continue filing/updating reports based on their messages.

  • Pro-Tip: Submit a report every time you collect a piece of information on the contact even if you can’t fill out every part of the report. Don’t wait until you think the conversation is over, submit reports accurately and frequently so that your campaign knows how your conversation went.

Important: If a person replied with STOP, Unsubscribe, or other opt out keywords, Impactive will automatically tag them as Opt Out. If they use any other language requesting to be removed from the list, you must manually tag them as Opt Out, and submit the report.

Managing the App Inbox

The App Inbox is where you will receive replies to the text messages you sent, where you will be able to follow-up (send replies), and fill reports on the conversations you had to share how they went with your campaign.

To help you stay organized, the Inbox includes several filters. Here is a breakdown of what each one is for:

All - This filter displays message threads from all other categories, except archived.

Unread - This filter will display all messages that you have not yet read or opened.

Needs Attention - This filter will tell you which of the contacts you messaged that have replied, and either have not received a reply back or have not had a report filled on the conversation.

Archive - Users can click the archive button to move a message thread from the inbox to the archives, making it easier for volunteers to manage messages and navigate through the Inbox more quickly. This removes the message from the "All" inbox. Keep in mind, that if a contact replies to the message, the message thread will show up again under the "All", "Unread" and "Needs attention" inboxes.

Friends - You can access message threads and reports for friend-to-friend actions here.

Team - You can access message threads relating to your team’s chat here.

Canvassing - You can access message threads and reports from canvassing actions here.

To filter messages, select the filter of messages you would like to see. In this image we selected “Unread” so in the current view of our app inbox we can only see messages that we haven’t read yet.


Users can also easily distinguish the action type on an inbox message on both the web and mobile app with labels for the activity under each message thread (Peer-to-Peer, Broadcast, etc)


Archiving Messages in the Inbox

Users can click the “Archive Message” button to "remove" a message thread from the inbox, this makes it easier for volunteers to manage messages and navigate through the Inbox more quickly. This removes the message from the "All" inbox. Keep in mind, that if a contact replies to the message, the message thread will show up again under the "All", "Unread" and "Needs attention" inboxes. You can archive conversations as many times as you need to.


How-to archive messages on mobile


How-to archive messages on web

The message goes into the archived folder. If a contact replies to the message, the message thread will show up again under the "All", "Unread" and "Needs attention" inboxes as expected.

Users can also archive conversations as many times as they need to.

Automatic Archive Settings

With Automatic Archive Settings, you can automatically archive messages when a report is sent to help keep inboxes clean. This feature is found at the bottom right side of the inbox under "Automatic Archive Setting". This feature is currently only available on the web inbox.

If the setting is toggled on and a user submits a report, that message thread is automatically sent to the archived folder. The user can then turn this toggle on or off to control the default behavior. If a contact replies to the message, the message thread will show up again under the "All", "Unread" and "Needs attention" inboxes as expected.


Automatic Archiving of Old Message Threads

After 2 months, Impactive will automatically archive any message threads that have not had any recent activity. No action is required from users, this feature helps clean your inbox clean and saves you the trouble of having to manually archive old messages - though it’s worth noting that archiving as you go is best practice and can save you a lot of time.


Reassign Messages

Volunteers can reassign conversations from a Peer-to-Peer Texting action to the activity's creator on both the web and mobile app.

  • If a volunteer cannot answer a contact’s question, they can escalate the conversation to an admin by reassigning the individual message thread. To do so, select "Reassign Conversation."

  • If a volunteer can no longer manage their threads for a Peer-to-Peer activity, they can hand them off to an admin by selecting "Reassign All Conversations," this will reassign all message threads for the action to a campaign admin.

  • The admin will be notified of the reassignment and see the thread in their inbox so they can respond promptly


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are the text messages being sent from my phone number?

    • No, peer-to-peer text messages are sent from a phone number that Impactive assigns you. The contact you message will receive an SMS text message on their phone with the pre-drafted script the campaign has provided for you. This means that the person you contact will not see your real phone number.

  • What happens if a contact sends another reply after opting out?

    • If contacts reply to a P2P after opting out, their messages will no longer create a thread in the "NEEDS ATTENTION" section of the inbox. If a contact is exhibiting offensive or harassing language, we always recommend contacting the campaign directly, and reviewing our guidelines for how best to handle. Once these people have been reported they will no longer be able to contact you.

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