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We are very excited to be working with you on your campaign. We have gathered some of our resource articles into a single location to make your experience most conducive to the work you are doing.


Getting Started

How to Set-Up and Navigate your Impactive Account

Below are a collection of the support articles that can be found on our support page.


Starting your campaign

Once your Impactive account has been created, you are able to create your campaign. We have both an article and a video tutorial illustrating the process of creating your campaign.

With your campaign created, you can now manage the users and teams on the campaign. We go into the functionality related to the management of your campaign in both our help article and our video guide

Additional information about managing your campaign’s userbase can be found here. There, you will be able to see resources relating to the management and organization of your user list.


Campaign Actions

With your campaign created, you now can create actions for your volunteers on your campaign. Our support portal has an article going over the action functionality of Impactive. Within these actions, your campaign has access to broadcast messaging, phone banking, Peer-to-peer messaging, Friend-to-friend messaging, canvassing, and more.

Our training decks on P2P Persuasion and P2P Volunteer Recruitment are great places to reassess and center your goals for your campaign’s P2P actions.


For Volunteers

Resources are available directed at helping your volunteers be most successful with your campaign. Volunteer resources include video walkthroughs for volunteers who are phone banking on the web or on their mobile devices, as well as using Impactive for friend-to-friend messaging.

We have a series of training decks that would be helpful to your volunteers. General training can be helpful for orienting your volunteers to your campaign and the Impactive platform.

Additionally, for our phonebanking functionality; we have a training deck that outlines the Impactive dialer for both web display and app display


Campaign Data

Once your campaign is up and running and you are able to make contact with your audience, you are able to measure and track the results of your actions. Our data support articles go into your ability to create and export reports related to your campaign. 

Organization of your campaign data can be done with tags and custom fields. Our articles go into detail on that functionality. Additional information can be found on our video support for setting up tags and custom fields.

Impactive also allows for the synchronization of your campaign data with platforms like VAN. Sync instructions can be found on our support portal and will outline the process for using Impactive with NGP VAN. 


Still have questions? Ask us.

  • We encourage you to email our support team at support@impactive.io
  • Additionally, we offer training resources where our clients are able to meet with our team and discuss the platform.

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