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Utilizing Impactive for GOTV
Utilizing Impactive for GOTV
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The moment we've been working towards is here — Election Day is quickly approaching and vote-by-mail ballots are being delivered! To ensure you're as prepared as possible for GOTV, here are the best ways to leverage Impactive in the final stretch of your campaign:

Friend-to-Friend Texting

At Impactive, we’re all about the power of relational organizing. And to leverage this power effectively, we recommend using our suggested contacts feature. This feature allows your supporters to reach out directly to target contacts that they personally know, and is a great way to increase turnout for those that are likely to vote for your campaign.

Here’s an example of a relational GOTV timeline you could follow:

  • Step 1: Have volunteers reach out to their contacts and identify those who support your candidate.

  • Step 2: Upload a list of *all* ID’d supporters into a friend-to-friend action. Then, use the suggested contacts feature to narrow your volunteers’ contacts down to supporters. Ask volunteers to reach out to supporters to identify their plan to vote.

  • Step 3: If you’re in a state with vote-by-mail or early voting, use the suggested contacts feature frequently to narrow down your volunteers’ contacts to people who haven’t voted yet. Ask your volunteers to keep reminding their contacts to vote.

  • Step 4: On Election Day, prompt volunteers to reach out to any contacts that have not voted yet via vote-by-mail or early voting.

Learn more about the feature here or watch our recorded webinar on relational organizing best practices here.

In addition to encouraging your supporters to reach out to their friends and family, you’ll also be reaching out to prospective voters directly. Two useful ways to do that are via Peer-to-Peer Texting and Broadcast Texting:

Broadcast Texting and Peer-to-Peer Texting

Broadcast Texting on Impactive is a great tool for dispersing information to dozens or hundreds of supporters, since you can mass text an uploaded list of opted-in contacts at once. For example, send reminder texts to voters ahead of Election Day and confirm that their friends and family also have a plan to vote.

On the other hand, Peer-to-Peer Texting is useful for sending out more nuanced information, like specific information on polling locations or provisional voting rules. In this case, you’ll be sending more targeted peer-to-peer messages and may need more help managing replies.

Here are some Peer-to-Peer Texting tips and tricks as you prepare for GOTV:

10DLC Regulations:

No matter the time of the year, always follow 10DLC guidelines when sending your peer-to-peer texts to ensure high deliverability rates. Introduce yourself, your organization, and include opt-out language in your initial outbound script. Plus, refrain from including links in initial messages! For more information on 10DLC best practices, read our Help Center article here.

  • Here’s an example of texts that follow 10DLC guidelines:

    • Hi, [contact name]! This is Nick with the Example Campaign. Election Day is right around the corner. Do you have a plan to vote for Example candidate? Text STOP to Opt-Out.

  • Here’s an example of a text that doesn’t follow guidelines:

    • Hi, [contact name]! Election Day is right around the corner! Want to know where your polling location is? Click here to find out:

Dynamic Fields

You can use dynamic fields to populate polling locations or other variable information directly into a follow-up text. Once you’ve confirmed they’re voting for your candidate, provide accurate, location specific information to voters with this tool.

Make sure to use the preview feature to ensure dynamic scripts are inserted correctly before sending your texts.

Reassigning Contacts for Follow-Up Messaging

At the end of a texting shift (or if a volunteer is asked a question they can’t answer), you can re-assign conversations to other volunteers or staff for follow-up management. This can be done in the admin interface or in the volunteer-facing message inboxes. Setting up a solid process for message follow-up is essential to ensure all your prospective voters get the information they need to have their votes counted.

Read more about how to manage messages in our Help Center here.


Phonebanking is a great way to have high-impact conversations and turn out voters on Election Day. Here are some tips for utilizing the dialer in the run up to GOTV:

Additional Contact Info Displayed

You can now display additional contact details for volunteers to view while talking to voters on the phone. This is a great way to confirm that you’re talking to the right person on the phone or inform someone of their polling location. Detailed information about how to display additional contact info in a phonebank will be added to this FAQ in the coming days.

Branched Scripts

Using branched scripts, you’ll be able to script out complicated conversations that could come up based on your state’s election process. You can prepare branched, scripted answers on early voting, vote-by-mail (VMB), ballot chase, and voter registration. This saves your volunteers from having to memorize complicated voting information.

List Canvassing

Since List Canvassing enables you to reach out to a specific, targeted list of people, it’s a perfect tool to use for constituency, workplace, or precinct organizing.

To use List Canvassing to GOTV, upload a list of contacts in a specific constituency or geography to Impactive. Then, you can assign these priority contacts to an individual or group of volunteers to reach out from their own personal phone. This is a high-impact way to communicate with a specific list of people, and to maintain relationships as you follow up throughout the GOTV process.

Miscellaneous Tips and Tricks

Preparing Your Actions

To streamline your volunteer events, prepare actions beforehand. Most importantly, you should ensure that the action has been created and your contact list is uploaded. Note that lists can take up to a day to upload. Cloning an action allows you to speed up the process, so we recommend doing this in cases where you have similar recurring actions (like a recurring Thursday phonebank). Our Help Center has specific details of how to best prepare your actions for GOTV here.

Utilizing Impactive Resources

Good luck in this final stretch! Stay tuned for more email communication and guidance in the coming weeks. If you have any questions about how to best utilize Impactive, we’re here for you - email us at [email protected]. And remember, you can always check ​​ for updates on Impactive’s system status and information on any incidents we may have experienced.

To ensure efficiency when submitting support requests ([email protected]), please follow these best practices:

  • Always include as much detail as possible, including screenshots or video of the issue.

  • Explain what you have already tried to resolve the issue and if multiple people are experiencing the same issue.

  • Add specifics to your subject line:

  • Campaign Name (name as it appears in Impactive), Feature/Topic, Brief Description

    • Eg: Leslie Knope for Congress: User Lists: Not uploading

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