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Teams FAQ

Q: How does it impact team stats if a user is a member of multiple teams in a campaign?

A: Team points and stats always reflect the total of all members that are currently on the team. So if one user is a member of two or more teams within a campaign, all of their actions and points would be included in the Team totals for both or each of the teams within that campaign of which they are a member.


Q: What are some examples of how the team feature can be used?


  • A "power volunteer" or influencer on your campaign can create a team and share the invitation link with their network. As a team leader, the volunteer can use the team chat to share updates about the team's progress on the leaderboard and encourage their group to complete actions.
  • A campaign can create teams to assign users to issues, campaign staff, or regions. An admin can look at the summary page to easily compare metrics on the size, activity, and productivity of the campaign's teams. An admin can send a push notification simultaneously to the three teams with the lowest rates of actions performed, reminding them to check their app for actions to do.


Q: How can you encourage your volunteers to start and lead teams?

A: We encourage you to work with some of your strongest volunteer leaders and/or organizers to create a baseline group of teams. These can be organized by geographic region, affinity group, identity, or issue-based affiliation. Once these volunteer leaders are bought in and excited to recruit other folks, you can utilize the Team join codes to send out an email to all of your Impactive users explaining to them how they can join other teams and take part in a virtual competition, for example, to register the most voters.

Additionally, Volunteers can create and edit teams from their profile. Volunteer-created teams are always public, and can be made invite-only or openly joinable. The user that creates the team automatically becomes a team lead.



With the Team Chat feature, Admins and team leads can communicate directly with the members of a team through Team Chat. If Team Chat is enabled, each team member will see a message thread for the team in their inbox. Admins can enable Team Chat from their dashboard.



Q: What are other ways to encourage use and adoption of volunteer-led Teams?


  • Provide incentives and rewards for user-driven teams. For example, team with most registrations checked achieves swag, treats, or a shoutout from the candidate
  • Organize Affinity Groups in Teams: Invite volunteers into staff-hosted teams based on location, self-selected demographic, or affinity. Create actions directly tailored to responsiveness within designated teams, and assign unique actions only to users on the team.
  • Volunteer Leader Empowerment: Educate and excite volunteer leaders about the new Teams function. Use Teams to incentivize and gamify volunteer leaders recruiting and organizing their personal networks on Impactive.
    • Because leaderboard points are based on a cumulative 30 days, it creates incentives to leaders to agitate their team to be constantly taking actions and expanding the team.
    • Share distinct actions/push notifications/messages to particular teams and their team members.
    • Glorify and thank a definitive user group/volunteer leader.
  • Message Directly with your team members: As an administrator, you have a direct message automatically set up with anybody who joins your team.


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