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With Impactive’s trackable links, you can help your campaign make smarter decisions around its communications by tracking click-throughs and user referrals to your Impactive content. There are two types of trackable links: Impactive links and custom links.

Impactive links are automatically generated, and include your sharable campaign, action, and opt-in form links. Custom links are trackable links that you can create using any URL and allow you to measure performance of any link.

Important Note: Trackable links can pinpoint the exact user, name, and contact id of the person who clicked on it. However, it only works if you send the trackable link using a dynamic variable, aka the {{ }} in the dropdown. This is because the data association is generated using the dynamic link, which would presumably change for each contact who is sent the link via the script variable. If you are just spinning up the same link, and not the one Impactive provides in the variable drop, it will not trace who opened the link.


Embed Links Anywhere

Share and track Impactive Links within Impactive actions or external communications with supporters– social media, email, or your website.

  • Use the Campaign Join Link when emailing announcements about your campaign
  • Use the Action Page Link on social media posts encouraging your network to mobilize their friends using relational organizing
  • Use the Opt-in Link on a website post asking supporters to join the texting list
  • Use a Custom Link to share digital resources with supporters

Creating and Managing Links

Admins can view, create, and manage their links by going to Data > Links. All of the campaign’s custom and Impactive links are listed under the ‘Custom Links’ and ‘Impactive Link’ tabs, respectively.



Custom Links

Custom links are trackable links that you can create from any URLs (like a link).

To create a custom link, click ‘+ Create Custom Link.’ Enter any URL (for example, []( and add a ‘name’ for the link that will make it easy to recognize.

After clicking ‘OK,’ the new trackable link will be created and appear on the table, with a shortened URL under a new domain.

To delete a custom link, click the '...' button at the end of a link’s row and click “Delete.”


Impactive Links

Impactive links are automatically generated links for your campaign’s important URLs on Impactive. This includes activity, opt-in, and share links.

To access and share these URLs, click ‘Copy Link’ from the ‘Impactive Links’ tab on the Links page.


Embedding and Using Links

Admins can embed trackable links in their Impactive actions and broadcasts and in their external communications to supporters.

Embedding Links in Scripts

Admins can embed links directly in an action or broadcast script by adding them as dynamic variables.

Under the Scripts section of any action that supports messaging, click on the ‘Links’ dynamic variable and select a link type from the ‘Choose a Link Type’ dropdown. Select the desired links and click ‘Insert’ to add it to the script. Users can also update the link type to access and select links across multiple categories.

With dynamic variables, you can not only track click-throughs, but the volunteers responsible for directing visits to the link as well.


Embedding Links Outside of Impactive

Links can also be used to track clicks on your external communications. You can do this by copying the trackable link from the Links tab and pasting it into your campaign’s content outside of Impactive activities.


Viewing Link Performance

An admin can see metrics for their trackable links in a number of places.

Under Data > Links

The central location for campaigns to track click-throughs is the Data > Links tab. Here an admin can see the total link-clicks for each trackable link.

Under Broadcast > Opt-Ins

In addition to appearing under the Links tab, metrics for opt-in forms also appear on the summary table of the Opt-in page. Here, admins can see stats on their form’s link clicks and impressions.

These statistics count both direct click-throughs, and any clicks from contacts who share the opt-in’s referral link.


Under Action Results

If a link was shared in an action script, the metric ‘Link Clicks’ is reported on the ‘View Results’ page for the action.

On this page, admins can see clickthroughs at the link and user level. If the action had multiple links, view link clicks per link by clicking ‘View Links’ under the ‘Link Clicks’ stat. Link clicks by User is counted on the User Engagement table.

Currently, admins can embed and see click-throughs for the following activities:

  • Broadcast SMS
  • Peer to Peer
  • Friend to Friend
  • Open a Webpage


See total link clicks and link clicks by user on an action’s “View Results” page

From Report Exports

Click-through data also appears in Impactive’s exportable reports, accessible from the Exports tab under Data.

For a record of all of your campaign’s links, use the Links - Summary export. This export is filterable by date and displays the original and trackable URLs, type, and total clicks for each link.


Metrics for links are also reported on the action and user level in the following exports:

  • Actions– All Types: Clicks per action, under the column clicks
  • User Activity-All: Clicks per user, under the column user_activities_clicks
  • User Activity by Type: Clicks per user (filterable by action), under the column clicks
  • Contacts: Clicks per contact and any user the contact shared the link with, under the columns link_clicks and contact_referral_link_clicks

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