Volunteer Walkthrough: Peer-to-Peer Texting

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Joining a Campaign on Impactive

In order to participate in a peer to peer texting action for a campaign, first “join” the campaign on Impactive as a volunteer. 

  • After you download the app you will be prompted to enter a unique 6 digit campaign code to join a campaign. Alternatively you can click "search for campaigns to join" to find a campaign to join.
  • Once you've entered the app if you would like to join an additional campaign you can navigate to the name of the campaign you are currently on at the top of your screen and click the upside down caret, scroll to the bottom and click on the plus sign to join another campaign by name, search, or join code.  
  • Click “Join” in the upper right hand corner of the page to be added as a volunteer.




Start Texting Peers

  • Click on the button that says “start texting" or another similar phrase chosen by the campaign.
  • You will then see a screen with the script and the name of the recipient. Click “Send.” Once you finish the texts that are assigned to you and are ready for more, click “Text Again.” At any time, you can stop texting. 
  • To continue the conversation with the folks you are texting, visit the Inbox on Impactive. There, you will see any conversations where folks have replied to your initial text. If someone has replied stop to opt out, that thread will not show up in your inbox.
  • Click on “Follow Up” to see the follow up script options, and send them directly within the Impactive app. 



Filling out Peer to Peer Reports

  • After you have finished texting the list of voters, fill out a report on the interaction or response you had with the individual. Here’s how:
  • Go to the Inbox tab in Impactive. 
  • Click on the conversation with the community member/voter. When you click fill report, a number of tags and custom fields will show up that the campaign has created. 
  • Toggle the tags accordingly, and fill out any custom fields if relevant. 


Keep an eye on your inbox - folks might text you back at any time. Use scripts to follow up with them and continue filing reports based on responses. 


**Important **

  • If a person replied with STOP, Unsubscribe, or other opt out keywords, we will automatically tag them as Opt Out. If they say any other language requesting to be removed from the list, you must manually tag them as Opt Out. 
  • If voters/contacts reply to a P2P after opting out, their messages will no longer create a thread on the "needs attention" portion of the inbox. 
  • If a contact is exhibiting offensive or harassing language, we always recommend contacting the campaign directly, and reviewing our guidelines for how best to handle. Once these people have been reported they will no longer be able to contact you. 


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