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Volunteer Walkthrough: Friend to Friend Messaging
Volunteer Walkthrough: Friend to Friend Messaging
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Friend to Friend actions allow you to outreach your friends and family on behalf of the campaign through multiple contact methods including phone, email, text, and social media.

The biggest difference between friend-to-friend texting and peer-to-peer texting: with friend to friend messaging, volunteers text from their own phone numbers! Unlike Peer-to-Peer texting, all Friend to Friend messages are sent to existing personal contacts from the user's own phone number, email or social media accounts.

This article will review:

  • Completing a Friend to Friend Action

  • Syncing Personal Contacts

  • Filing Reports on Friends

  • Frequently Asked Questions on Syncing Personal Contacts

Completing a Friend to Friend Action

In this section we will walk you through how to complete a Friend-to-Friend action with Impactive:

  1. Select a contact method.

    • After clicking into a Friend to Friend action on Impactive's home feed, you will be prompted to choose how you want to contact your friends and family: either through a phone call, text, email, or social message. Once you choose a contact method, you will be prompted to sync your contacts with the Impactive app if you haven’t already done so. After matching contacts to the National Voter File, emojis may appear next to a contacts name to provide more information about their voting habits.

    • File_000.png
    • Volunteers can now choose a preferred contact method

  2. Sync personal contacts with the Impactive app.

    • Impactive matches your contacts’ information with the national voter file in order to provide more information on their voting habits. There are two ways to sync contacts: on the mobile app and on the web-app.

      • Mobile App: Sync your personal contacts from your phone’s contact book to import names, phone numbers, and email addresses

      • Web-App: Sync your Gmail contacts from your Gmail account to import contact’s email addresses

To sync your contacts for the first time on your Impactive mobile app follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to the contact book icon in the bottom navigation menu.

  2. Click on SYNC MY CONTACTS to match your contacts’ information with the national voter file. This step might take a few minutes.

  3. On the Data Security Policy page, click CONTINUE, and matched contacts will appear with emojis next to them indicating their voter status.

If a contact wasn’t automatically matched to the voter file, you can manually do so. To manually match a contact to the voter file click on the contact name, click on SEARCH THE VOTER FILE, enter their information, select SEARCH VOTER FILE at the bottom of the screen, select the corresponding voter, and click SAVE THIS MATCH.


From the web app, you can match your email contacts to the national voter file.

  1. Navigate to CONTACTS on the side menu.

  2. Click on Sync my contacts to import your email contacts and match your friends and family to the National Voter File.

  3. Sign-in with your Google Account.

  4. Click on Continue and press Next on the My Contacts page to sync your Google contacts.

  5. From the My Contacts (Other) page, you can select or deselect contacts by utilizing the checkbox to the left of each contact as well as the Deselect All button. When you are finished, click the Next button in the right hand corner.

  6. From the My Contacts page confirm that you want to sync the selected contacts by clicking “Sync # Contacts”


3. Select which contacts you wish to contact.

Once you have matched your contacts to the national voter file, you will be able to select which contacts you wish to outreach. Additionally, each contact method will allow you to filter the contact list by the selected contact method. For example, a contact that only has an email address will appear on a list of potential contacts when you select “email” as the contact method. Additionally, emoji statuses will appear beside contacts. The emoji key is below:

  • For phone calls and texting: the app will filter your phone’s contacts with phone numbers.

  • For emails: the app will filter your phone’s contacts with email addresses

    • Volunteers can proceed to send call, text, or email a contact using their phone's native phone call, text messaging, and email features.

  • For social messages: the app will include share links to Facebook or Twitter, allowing you the capability to copy and send the message through your phone.

Select your contacts and proceed to the next screen.

4. Contact your network.

  • You can use a templated script provided by the campaign to outreach to your personal networks, or you can edit the script to your personal liking.

    • Pro-Tip: In Friend to Friend messaging, clicking “SEND” within the Impactive app still requires an additional confirmation through your messaging platform of choice.

  • You can edit the templated script and have two options in how to do so:

    • Option 1: You can edit the script directly within the app by clicking in the Initial Message bubble. It’s important to note that script edits within Impactive cannot be made for each individual message you send - editing the script within the Impactive app will save the change for all future messages.

      • For example, if you are editing the script within Impactive and add an emoji, it will update the script to include that emoji for all following contacts you message.

    • Option 2: Click send within the Impactive app and edit the message within your phone’s native app.

      • This is best practice if you do not want to implement a permanent change in the script.

      • In this instance, you will edit the message after you hit the “SEND” button in the Impactive app. Clicking “SEND” within the Impactive app will open your native messaging platform where you can make edits to the script per just that immediate contact.

      • This is recommended if you are making minor changes like updating a contact's name or adding emojis.

Once sent, the process can be repeated over and over again. All messages will be sent from your personal number, email or social media account - messaging and data charges may apply, depending on your personal cell phone plan.

5. Submitting Reports

  • Once you've contacted someone in your personal network, you'll be able to fill out a report on it. This is a super important step as it allows the campaign to know how your conversations went.

  • To file a report, head to your Inbox and click on the message thread that you'd like to report back on. Then, click on “Fill Report” and fill out any tags or custom fields with the information you collected during your conversation. When you’re finished, click “SEND TO CAMPAIGN”.

  • Pro-Tip: Submit a report every time you collect a piece of information on the contact even if you can’t fill out every part of the report. Don’t wait until you think the conversation is over, submit reports accurately and frequently so that your campaign knows how your conversation went.


6. Have fun!

In your profile, you can see how many times you have sent messages. You can also earn new badges and gain recognition for sending texts in Impactive. Additionally, you can also see who of your friends or contacts are super users, and where you stack up for a little competitive fun.

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