Campaigns: Public vs Private

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Article Description: In this article we will explain the difference between having a public or private campaign and what you may want to consider when making a decision.



Campaigns on Impactive choose whether to be public or private. By default, campaigns are private, meaning they are not publicly accessible to all Impactive users. If you would like to list your campaign publicly on the Impactive volunteer app's campaign section, please email to enable it.


Public Campaigns

Public campaigns are visible to all Impactive users. A public campaign can be searched for and joined by any Impactive user.  Volunteers who joined Impactive via a different organization can view and join your campaign if it’s public.

Additionally, actions published by public campaigns are visible to everyone on the platform, and anyone who follows your public campaign can start taking action right away. To learn more about actions and their visibility please check out our support article, Actions: Public vs Private. 


Private Campaigns

Private campaigns allow you to invite a specific set of volunteers to join your campaign on Impactive. Additionally, actions within private campaigns are only visible to the volunteers who have joined your campaign. Only your volunteers will be able to view and interact with your campaign’s actions. Other users on Impactive cannot see these actions or your campaign on Impactive.

Joining a Private Campaign 

From the Campaign tab on the Admin Dashboard, you will find your campaign’s share options which include:

  • Campaign Join Code: A unique six digit code which volunteers are prompted to enter after downloading Impactive and will be sent directly to your campaign’s private feed.
    • Pro-Tip: Sharing this code grants your volunteers access to your campaign’s feed regardless of how they’ve downloaded Impactive.
  • Web Join Link: After logging in, this link will bring volunteers to your campaign on the web app
  • App Join Link: After logging in, this link will bring volunteers to your campaign on the mobile app 

Final Thoughts

We hope this article helps you better understand the difference between private and public campaigns and which option is right for your campaign. Still have questions? Reach out to our team at

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