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The “USERS” tab in your campaign menu is where you can invite, view, and manage new and current volunteers and campaign managers, or “Users” and “Administrators.” Impactive offers multiple roles and permissions for admins to allow campaigns to control who has access to different levels of program management. The USERS tab has three sub-tabs: All Users, Lists, and Teams.

There are two different types of lists in Impactive: user lists and contact lists. These can be found in the respective USERS and CONTACTS tabs. These lists allow administrators to easily upload, organize, and target through contacts, volunteers, and supporters. You can access user lists by clicking on the USERS tab in the left-hand menu, and contact lists by clicking on the CONTACTS tab. For information about contacts and contact lists, visit setting up your contacts tab.

This article will review:


Breakdown of Role Types

Impactive offers three different administrative roles and one “user” aka volunteer role which come with default permissions.

  • Owner
  • Admin
  • Staff
  • Volunteer


Owners can access all Impactive functionality, including billing and subscriptions. They can also manage any other roles.


Admins can access all Impactive functionality, except billing and subscriptions. They can also manage other admin roles and permissions, but not their own. All new admins will automatically be assigned this role.


Staff can only manage actions, invite volunteers, and export data. The Staff role may also have add-on permissions for user list management or data management. They cannot manage other admin roles. The staff role was created to give admins access to manage Impactive programs while limiting them from making larger changes to the campaign or managing other admin permissions and roles.

Specific Permissions:

  • Ability to create and manage actions
  • Upload and manage contact lists
  • Download exports across multiple different areas of the admin
  • View all information in the USERS tab
  • View all information in the CAMPAIGN tab
  • Start and manage Phone Banking actions

The staff role cannot:

  • Update campaign details
  • Delete lists
  • Manage billing
  • Manage broadcasts
  • Send communications using the engage tools
  • Update settings


Volunteers can only access the campaign they are invited to via the web or mobile app. They do not have any access to the admin dashboard, and only the sync permission applies to this role. Read more below.

Add-On Permissions

Add-on permissions expand access to different functionalities within Impactive. All roles may have the following permissions turned on or off. To edit these permissions for a user, click on the “...” button on the far right side of the specific user and select “Change Permissions”.

To learn how to add a new user, scroll down to the Adding New Users section of this article.


Sync Permissions Add-On

This is set to “on” by default and allows the user/admin to sync their personal contacts to Impactive. Toggle this permission “off” to prevent a volunteer from syncing contact data back to the campaign.

Welcome Message Sender Add-On

This permission designates the admin to be the sender for welcome messages sent to new volunteers.

Broadcast Permissions

These will only be present for broadcast-enabled campaigns.

    • Broadcast Sender Add-On: Allows the admin to send broadcast messages. Broadcast messages can only be sent by admins who have the “broadcast sender” add-on permission.
    • Broadcast Responder Add-On: Designates the admin as a default responder for any broadcast messages or opt-in responses that do not have a designated user broadcast responder list assigned. A responder is an assigned user/admin to any broadcast and opt-in response. They will receive a push notification when contacts respond to the campaign's broadcast. Additionally they will see the responses in their inbox and can send follow up messages. Responses will automatically be routed (and randomly assigned) to any users/admins who have “broadcast responder add-on permission” enabled for that campaign.
    • Important Note: any user on a broadcast responder list can respond to broadcast messages and does not need the “broadcast responder” add-on permission enabled.

Data Permissions

Only the “Admin” and “Owner” roles can edit and manage settings, including tags, custom fields, integrations, and more.

Export Permissions

Allows admin or staff members to create exports and have them emailed to their account as CSVs.
Admins can enable and disable export permissions for other admins or staff members. When the permission is disabled, the user will not be able to create any new exports, download any existing ones, or view contact phone numbers on the ‘All Contacts’ or contact list pages

User List Management Add-On

This allows a “Staff” role expanded access to the USERS, Lists, and ENGAGE tabs.

Specific permissions:

    • View CAMPAIGN tab
    • View USERS tab
    • Manage contact, user, broadcast (opt-in) lists
      • Create and manage folders
      • Send push notifications, emails, DMs, and actions
      • Delete lists
    • Send communications to users in the ENGAGE tab


About the Users page

Click on the second dashboard menu item that says “USERS.” Here you will see the option of several sub-menu items All Users, Lists, and Teams. This is where you can access lists of your campaign's users, their roles, contact information, and relevant performance statistics.


Adding New Users

  1. To add a new user, click on either “+ Invite Admin” or “+ Invite User” and enter their email address. If you are inviting an admin, you will be able to SELECT A ROLE from the drop-down menu and toggle any additional permission settings you’d like to adjust. Review these roles and permissions in our Breakdown of Role Types section above.
  2. Click the “Send Invite” button, and your new user will appear on the screen.


Sending your new User the Impactive app

If you’d like to send your new user a direct download link for the Impactive app and to your campaign, go back to the “CAMPAIGN” tab in the left-hand menu, and there you will see an “App Join Link,” as well as a “Web Join Link” for the computer desktop version, and “Campaign Join Code” for those who have already downloaded the app and need a simple way to locate your campaign!

Important Note: Only public campaigns have access to join links, so if you don’t see these links available, please email us at!




Managing Users

  • Click on an individual user’s name to see their Recent Activities, Messages, Reports, and Team.
  • Next to each name you will see when they were LAST ACTIVE, the number of TEAMS they are on and how many points they have, the number of ACTIONS and reports they’ve filled, and how many messages they have that NEED ATTENTION.
    • Click on the three dots “...” button to Edit Tags and Change Permissions.
  • Check the box(es) next to a user or multiple users and use the “Manage” and “Send” drop-down menus to:
    • Add to List: add the selected user(s) to an existing list, or create a new one.
    • Add to Team: add the selected user(s) to an existing team. Click on “Manage teams” within the pop-up box to be directed to the Teams tab where you can create a new team.
    • Add Tags: add any relevant tags. To create new tags, go to the DATA > Tags tab.
    • Change Role: change the user(s) role and permissions. More information about the different roles and permissions available above.
    • Block User: permanently remove and block the selected user(s) from your campaign
      • Note: It’s best practice to pull a report with the user’s activity before blocking/removing them from the campaign
    • Send a Push Notification: will send only the selected user(s) a push notification to their phone. Their app notifications must be turned on.
    • Send a Direct Message: will send only the selected user(s) a message to their campaign inbox in the Impactive app.
    • Send an Email: will send only the selected user(s) an email message to their listed email address.
    • Send an Action: will send only the selected user(s) an action marked with a “NEW” flag to their campaign homepage in the Impactive app.


Filtering Users

Click on the “Filter” button in the All Users tab to segment users into particular groups. In the pop-up box, under USER MATCHES click on “Add Filter” and select from List, Tags, or Role.

  • List: search users based on which lists they do or do not belong to.
  • Tag: search users based on which tags they have or have not been marked with.
  • Role: search users based on what role they do or do not have.

You can add multiple conditions at one time. Click on the “+” beneath a condition to search for any and all matches. Under “AND” you can add a condition that must be matched in addition to the conditions you listed above.

Upcoming Release: “Not Synced Contacts” will be available as a filter soon, and will return a list of all users who haven’t synced their contacts to their Impactive yet.


Understanding the individual User profile

Clicking through a user profile allows you to see more information about the user:

  • The “Recent Activities” tab on a user's profile will show each action Title, the Type of action it was, whether or not the user Completed the action, and how many times they did in the Performs column.
    • Select the checkbox(es) next to the listed action Title and click on the “Re-Assign Contacts” button to assign the contacts from that action to another user.
  • The “Messages” tab shows every message that has been sent by the user, when, with whom, and the message text.
  • The “Reports” tab shows the most updated report that the user has submitted for each of their contacts.


About User Lists

User lists are comprised of the volunteers and administrators in your campaign.

  • By default, Impactive provides campaigns with an “All Users” list.
  • Volunteers are automatically added to the “All Users” list when they join the campaign, or are added manually through email address or importing.
  • Users can be organized into lists to assign them specific actions and see their activity. You can also organize them based on geography, district, or even demographics.

Creating User Lists

In the Lists page within the USERS tab, you can view, manage, edit, and add new user lists.

  • Click on the “+ New List” button to create a new list and have the option of assigning that list to a folder.
  • Click on the “+ Import Users” button to import a list using a CSV file.
    • Important: You must provide the following required parameters: first_name, last_name, and email.
    • Warning: Do NOT upload lists larger than 250K during daytime hours. Any list larger than 250K MUST be uploaded between 11pm-10am ET.
  • Click on the “All Folders” drop-down menu to create a new folder.
  • Click on the magnifying glass icon to search through your lists.

You can also create a new list on the “All Users” page, as mentioned above in the Managing Users section:

  1. Check the box(es) next to the desired user(s).
  2. Click on the “Manage” drop-down menu and select “Add to List”.
  3. In the “Select Type” drop-down menu, click on “Create a new list.
  4. Enter a name for the list in “New List Name.
  5. Click on “Create List” to finish.

Managing User Lists

In each list, you’ll see a “Summary” at the top, as well as a section for managing the users in that list. Here are some quick definitions of the metrics provided:

  • Users Synced: represents the number of users who have successfully synced contacts to Impactive.
  • Friends Known: represents the number of contacts that have been synced to Impactive.
  • Friends Matched: represents the number of contacts who have been matched to our National Voter File. Only around 30% of friends and family can be matched to the voter file due to the limited number of registered voters across the US and because some contacts may not have the phone number or name required by our algorithm to match to the voter file.
  • In District: If a district has been specified for the campaign, this shows the number of contacts that live in that district.
  • Messaged: represents the number of messages that have been successfully delivered.
  • Recruited: represents the number of volunteers that have been recruited by your users.
  • Reports Filled: represents the number of reports that have been filled out by your volunteers.


Exporting Volunteer Data

You can export data about your users by clicking on the “Export” button in the top right corner of the All Users and Lists pages.



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