What is Impactive, and How Does it Work?

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What is Impactive, and how does it work?

Your all-in-one digital organizing hub for mobilizing a movement.

Impactive is an all-in-one suite of tools for organizing, outreach, and engagement. We empower progressive campaigns and causes to fundraise, share their stories and actions, get out the vote, and much more.

Impactive clients have access to an administrative dashboard, where they publish actions for their supporters to take. These are highly customizable, can be drafted or scheduled in advance, and measured for growth and analysis. Within the admin dashboard clients can also manage their staff and volunteers through push notifications, broadcast SMS, teams and more.


Can anyone download Impactive? 

Impactive is free to use for volunteers and available on iOS and Android for anyone located in the United States. However, campaigns can manage if certain actions are meant to be kept private or invite-only. This gives our campaigns maximum flexibility to mobilize internal staff or select organizers.


Ways to use Impactive - 

Impactive is a mobile app and web platform. With Impactive you can empower supporters to:


How has Impactive been used?

  • Impactive has been used to power large-scale national text banks.

For instance, on Wednesday March 25th in 2020, Impactive partnered with When We All Vote for an epic #CouchParty to encourage Americans to register to vote. All participants teamed up to reach When We All Vote’s ambitious goal: texting 50,000 unregistered voters and encouraging them to get registered. The #CouchParty volunteer team blew that goal out of the water: in fact, they reached 50,000 voters in less than an hour.

The only thing left to do was aim higher, and their volunteers stepped up to the plate. In just three and a half hours, When We All Vote volunteers used Impactive to reach over 400,000 unregistered voters. More than 60,000 participants joined the #CouchParty, and 7,500 volunteers used Impactive to text voters. The tremendous success of the #CouchParty inspired our team to develop a few key takeaways for all organizations eager to replicate a high-impact, at-home event. Find them here.


  • Impactive has been used to achieve grassroots success.

Mauree Turner made history by becoming the first publicly non-binary elected official in the US and the first Muslim member of the Oklahoma Legislature. Their campaign drew on the support of people who often do not see themselves represented in politicians. Turner won their primary by 250 votes, the same number of support IDs the campaign was able to secure using Impactive.

Their team, which was composed of grassroots organizers without digital experience, had planned on campaigning by knocking on doors and holding in person events until COVID-19 exploded. Impactive allowed them to transform easily into a remote operation. Turner’s campaign was the only one of its scale in Oklahoma that did not knock on doors due to COVID-19. Through Impactive, Turner’s campaign spoke to 10,804 people with 27,790 text messages sent. Read more about how Representative Turner’s campaign utilized Impactive and their advice for others using Impactive here.

Our Story -

Impactive (formerly Outvote) was founded in 2017 to empower grassroots campaigning through scalable technology, allowing volunteers to organize their family, friends, and local communities. We spent a whirlwind three years partnering with progressive organizations and campaigns, large and small, working closely with each partner to customize our products for their important work.

In 2020, we achieved one of our biggest goals: stabilizing democracy by electing Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, whose campaign used a white-labeled version of Impactive to register voters and get them to the polls. Additionally, Biden/Harris 2020, Planned Parenthood, Community Change, and 1,000+ other partners sent more than 150 million messages during the 2020 election cycle.

In February 2021, Outvote rebranded to Impactive to make clear that our mission is to help any and all progressive social impact organizations and advocacy groups. Ever since we’ve been expanding our all-in-one digital organizing hub to include even more functionality for modern campaigning.


Ready to Get Started?

Check out our Start Your Impactive Journey article to set up your campaign and practice publishing and sharing sample actions with yourself so you can see how they work from a volunteer's perspective.


Still have questions? Reach out to our team @support.impactive.io

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