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Volunteer Walkthrough: Phone Banking on Mobile
Volunteer Walkthrough: Phone Banking on Mobile
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This article will review completing a phone banking action on the mobile app.

Phone Banking with Impactive (Mobile App)

Within this section, we will walk through how to participate in a phone bank on the Impactive mobile app.

  1. Join the action. From the Impactive home feed, select the phone banking action you want to join. Then select, “START

    • Action_on_Mobile_App.PNG
  2. Read the instructions. At this point, volunteers will be able to see the instructions associated with the event. Volunteers can also preview the script the campaign has put together by clicking on "SCRIPT".

    • RPReplay_Final1650475113_MP4_AdobeCreativeCloudExpress.gif
  3. Start receiving calls. Once volunteers have finished reviewing the scripts and instructions and are ready to begin, they will want to initiate their participation as a caller by clicking “I AM READY TO PARTICIPATE.” After entering your phone number and clicking “CALL ME” volunteers will receive a phone call through their phone’s native calling app - answering this call will place them into the conference line. Once you have answered the call, switch back to the Impactive app and select “I’VE ANSWERED THE CALL” you will then receive a “YOU’RE IN” confirmation message and reminder to to put your phone on speaker or grab some headphones so that you can view the script and fill reports as as you’re connected to your campaign’s contacts. Click “CONTINUE” to preview the script.

    • Dialing.PNG
    • Volunteers may need to login to or contact their cell phone carrier account and make sure that spam filtering is turned off in order to join the phone bank.

    • Note: When you are connected to a call, your device will vibrate and the screen will change.

    • When you are comfortable with the script and ready to be connected to campaign contacts click, “QUEUE NEXT CALL”.

    • Queue_Next_Call__1_.PNG
    • Your screen will then say “We are connecting you with the next contact

    • IMG_6669.PNG
    • Your phone will vibrate when you are connected to a contact. The script and the contact’s information will populate on the volunteer’s app. Start reading the script and enter the contact’s responses as you go. Note: There may be a 4 or 5 second delay from when a contact answers the call to when their name appears on your screen.

    • Active_Call.PNG
    • Select the response that correlates with the conversation and continue your conversation with the contact until you’ve reached the end of the script. If you selected the wrongresponse, select the "BACK TO PREVIOUS QUESTION" button to return to the previous script block and re-enter the correct information. You can also edit the responses after the end of the call.

    • Back_to_previous.PNG
    • To end the call, select the “HANG UP" button at the top of the screen.

    • hang_up.PNG
    • When the call ends, you will see a red banner toward the top of the screen announcing “Call Ended” and will be prompted with the question, “What was the outcome of the call?” Select the response that best describes the call and then click “Submit”.

    • call_ended_2.PNG
    • You will then receive this message, “Your call has ended. Do you need to edit your answers?

    • IMG_6661.PNG
    • If you made a mistakeor forgot to enter a response, you can go back through the script to select the appropriate responses by selecting “I NEED TO EDIT”. Otherwise, select “I’M ALL DONE”. Important Note: Selecting the “I NEED TO EDIT” option will erase all the previous recorded responses and the volunteer must start over and enter the response from each of the corresponding script blocks.

    • Once completed, you will be taken to a call summary screen and will be asked to fill out a few more prompts. When finished, select "SUBMIT". Once the report is submitted you will be given a congratulation message, and from this page you will also be able to see how many conversations you’ve completed.

    • way_to_go.PNG
  4. Keep calling - you’ve got this! When you are ready to be connected to another contact, click “CONTINUE” and then select "QUEUE NEXT CALL.” By clicking this button you will be added to the queue and marked as available to receive another contact.

  5. Exiting the phone bank. If you are finished calling before your campaign has closed the phone bank, select the End Session button to end your volunteer shift.

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