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It’s no surprise that we’re firm advocates of friend-to-friend (AKA relational) outreach, and it’s only fitting that we celebrate our partners who recommend us to their friends, colleagues, fellow organizers, and clients. 

So, we’ve introduced a new referral program: give and get 20,000 free SMS texts when you refer a new organization to Impactive! 

To claim your free texts, all you need to do is send this link to your referral when they’re ready to create an account. When they sign up for their new Impactive license, we’ll unlock free texts for both you and your referral.*

*This program is only available when a referral has not created an Impactive license in 2022.


To make sharing easier for you, here’s a sample script you can use:

Hey [Referral’s Name], 

We’ve been using Impactive to mobilize our supporters, and I think you could benefit from it, too. Their full relational organizing suite is proven to be one of the most powerful tools for getting folks to take action. They also have all the tools you need to reach out to voters and supporters (peer-to-peer texting, broadcast texting, phone banking, voter registration) on one platform. And best of all, it’s extremely volunteer-friendly!

If you’re interested in organizing on Impactive, you can sign up with my referral link to get 20,000 free SMS texts! Here’s the link:

Let me know if you have questions, or you can sign up for one of their demos to learn more about their platform.


[Your Name]

Contact if you have any questions about the program. Happy organizing!

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