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Admins can now track their monthly spending across Impactive’s tool with the new Billing tab on the admin dashboard! The new Billing tab will allow admins to:

  • View plan details, such as their monthly license fee, the date of their next invoice, and their contractual fees for Peer-to-Peer and Broadcast SMS/MMS segments sent, Voter Registration form completions, and Phone Banking call dials
  • Monitor usage and charges from billed activities, updated hourly, with calculated fees from their Peer-to-Peer Texting, Broadcast Texting, Voter Registration, and Phone Banking actions

The Billing tab in the admin dashboard contains helpful information about your current bill, as well as your billing history. It also displays your plan type, the status of your account, monthly fee, next issue date, the email we have on file to contact you about billing, and a “Contact Support” link to manage or change your plan. Soon you will be able to do this through Stripe.

Visit our Pricing page to learn more about costs.


Current Bill

In the “Current Bill” tab, you can select the time period for the finances you want to see using the “Billing data from” drop down menu in the upper left hand corner. This will adjust the TOTAL graph below.

On the right, you will see “BILLED ACTIONS” broken down by action type, SMS, MMS, etc. Each action will contain a total billed amount for that action type, as well details about the number of segments, dials, completions, etc.


Billing History

Admins can now view their previous months’ invoice history on the new ‘Billing History’ tab under the Billing page. Here, admins can view the total fees they were charged for their monthly license, Broadcast and Peer-to-Peer texting, Voter Registration form completions, and Phone Banking calls placed, starting October 2022 (if applicable).

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