Using Impactive Again - What You Need to Know

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Returning to Impactive for Round 2! 



Did you use Outvote in 2020? Are you running again and using Impactive in 2022? If so - this article is for you! 

Whether you’re running for re-election, running for the same office, or running for a different seat you have a decision to make - reactivate your old account or start a new one. There are many factors to consider when deciding, so we’ll walk you through the pros and cons of both.


Reactivating an old Impactive (formerly Outvote) Account


  • Your volunteers from last cycle have already joined this Impactive campaign, meaning your campaign join links and code won’t change.
  • You can access your previous data to reflect on which messaging and tactics worked best for your campaign and pick up where you left off with volunteer/user management.
  • You can clone existing actions to build off of your previous work.


  • You will likely need to update all of your branding and content.
  • You will need to re-do your API integrations. API keys expire, which means you will have to create new sync instructions for your tags and custom fields.


Choosing to start a new Impactive account


  • You can easily ensure every aspect of your account reflects your current campaign’s branding, by setting everything up for the first time. With that, it’s unlikely you will forget to update or change something from 2020.
  • You won’t be bogged down with what you previously did with Impactive. Instead, you can build your 2022 programming from scratch to reflect what worked well for 2020 while also tying in new features and capabilities of the Impactive platform. Impactive has changed a lot since the 2020 cycle and we’re more excited than ever about all that it offers including: multi-platform friend to friend outreach, phone banking with a predictive dialer, broadcast messaging, teams, and so much more. Note -  If you choose to reactivate a previous account you will still have access to everything that has changed but it may be easier to fall back into using the platform the way you did in 2020.


  • You will be starting from scratch which can be time-consuming. However, if you have a whole new team leading your programming they may find it helpful to start with a blank canvas.  


Final Thoughts

This list isn’t all-encompassing but hopes to give you a sense of the most common pros and cons clients face when deciding whether to reactivate a previous account or create a new Impactive account. As you navigate this decision, remember that you know your campaign and volunteers best, and whether you choose to re-activate your previous account or start fresh with a new Impactive account we’re glad to have you back with us and are here to help every step of the way.


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