Video Stories: Results and Exporting

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After you’ve asked your users to begin taking action, it’s time to start monitoring your results!

Accessing the View Results Page

To access the View Results page for your action, first navigate to the admin dash. Click on Video Stories. Find your action, then click on ‘view results’ under the Results column. Note that you can see summary user engagement information under the ‘User Engagement’ column.


Overview Section

At the top of the results page is the Overview Section. This section is a summary of user actions taken, not conversation metrics. Here's what each box means:

  • Sent to: The number of volunteers the action was sent to.
  • Seen: The number of users that have seen the action
  • Started: The number of users that started the action
  • Completed: Users that completed the action
  • Performs: Number of times that a user completed an action
  • Reports: How many reports were filed.


Addtional Metrics

A unique metric is shown for the Video Stories action: Testimonials. These metrics compile how many testimonials have been sent into your campaign by your users.



Users Engagement

Use the user engagement section to track your volunteers’ work in submitting video stories and how many stories they've submitted. In the Story Link column, you can click the View Preview link to see the submitted story.



After your action has been completed, you can export all of the data into a spreadsheet. At the bottom of the Results page is a list of export formats that you can choose from.


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