Initial Scripts

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An Initial Script is an opening message you're communicating in your script. You want it to be succinct, compelling, and to have a clear ask to get involved.

Impactive's scripting functionality allows you to write multiple initial messages in the F2F, P2P, or My Turfs actions. You can insert personal contact info (i.e. the recipient) and user info (i.e. the sender) such as First Name, Last Name or State into the message: (For example: Hi [Lisa], this is [Jose]. Can you join on Sunday?)


This makes the message more familiar to the recipient and will yield your campaign higher open rates.


By writing out multiple initial messages in P2P, you'll have the ability to A/B test which initial performs best. All your volunteers have to do is click send.

When writing out multiple initial messages in F2F, you have the option of writing different messages for each form of outreach your volunteer will be using to reach out to friends. For example, you could write a different message for outreach by text, social media, or phone calls.

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