Preparing for GOTV With Impactive

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Welcome to GOTV!  Be sure to review these Impactive best practices.

Peer-to-Peer GOTV Outreach with Impactive

Before your Text bank: 

    1. Upload Voter Universes: Ensure your universe of voter contact is loaded into Impactive ideally 2 hours before your text bank. Learn more about Uploading a Contact List here. Some campaigns will elect to upload a list days in advance if their universe is set in stone, while other campaigns will need to wait until right before to the event.
    2. Train Volunteers: Be sure you train volunteers beforehand to: Use scripted responses, only text within the allotted time frame (you can specify time zone here), and always fill a report on a conversation with a voter. 
    3. Create Actions: Create the action in advance, and upload all scripts using dynamic variables. actions are not designed to be left open indefinitely, we recommend closing actions after text banks are completed and creating a new action for your next text bank.
    4. Customize your Reports: For each action on Impactive where your volunteers are in conversation with voters, or their friends and family, they will be able to fill out a report on that conversation. The contents of the report include tags and custom fields that the campaign creates in Settings. Learn more here. 
    5. Make a Data Extraction Plan: Whether you decide to set up an integration with VAN or PDI, or export data manually and import into your voter database, have a clear plan in place. 

Day of Text Bank

  1. Provide Volunteer Support: During text bank, have an ongoing group chat or Slack so that volunteers can ask questions. 
    1. Ensure volunteers know that if somebody has been opted out of receiving texts, they will not be able to send a message to that voter, even if they previously have.
  2. Set up Voter Protection Communication: Be sure you have a Voter Protection Slack channel or line of communication in case of voting questions.
  3. Reassign voter contact to new volunteers: If you need to reassign voters to specific volunteers, follow this tutorial to do so.
    1. Be sure that you only reassign voters to new volunteers after the initial texts have been sent. Please be aware that when you reassign voting conversations to new volunteers, the previous volunteers will not longer be able to access the conversation. 

Very Important Information: 

    • Automatic Opt Out: For P2P actions, if a person replies with Stop, Unsubscribe, Remove, Quit, Stopall, Cancel, or End, Impactive automatically tags their number with a special tag named "Opt Out". When a contact is marked with Opt Out on Impactive, your campaign will never be able to send P2P texts to that contact again via Impactive, even if the same contact is part of a future contact list. This logic cannot be bypassed.
  • Time Zone: You can visit Settings - Texting on the Admin portal to set a specific time zone for your texting. If you do not, the default is 9am-5pm EST. 
  • Customize Messages: You can use dynamic variables within your scripts to automate information sharing with voters. Learn more here.
  • Understand Metrics: To see the results of your action you can go to the Lists > Contact List you targeted to see how many messages were received, responses sent, unsubscribes, and reports filled out for that list. 
  • Set Up Auto Tagging for Specific Scripts: If you'd like a voter to be automatically tagged with an activist code or result code, you can set up an auto tag such that any voter who receives a specific script will automatically be tagged. 


GOTV Relational Organizing on Impactive

Preparing to launch a relational organizing program during GOTV:

Preparing for your Relational Organizing Push: 

    1. Invite volunteers to a relational organizing training on Impactive, or share resources with them to get started. Be aware that the best way to invite new volunteers is using the Add Users button, or sharing the campaign code. For security reasons, you are not able to add a list of users to your campaign at once. However, you can organize users into user lists once they have downloaded Impactive and joined the campaign.
    2. Grow a Volunteer Community: Learn more about ways to encourage user engagement on Impactive. Consider setting a welcome message, sending out DMs and push notifications regularly, and encouraging volunteers to create Teams. 
    3. Share a friend mapping resource to encourage volunteers to expand their networks of outreach during GOTV. 
    4. Encourage Teams on Impactive: Provide incentives for team leaders who have the most points at the end of each day of GOTV. 
    5. Set up a few friend-to-friend texting actions: Follow the instructions for setting up a friend to friend action. 
    6. Ensure you set up actions as private or public: Private actions allow you to invite a specific set of volunteers to complete the action and ensure the action is visible only to those invited by you. This is helpful if you or admins on your campaign want to test an action before sending it out. Learn more here.

During Relational Organizing Efforts:

Utilize Suggested Contacts: With the Suggested Contacts feature, your campaign can target outreach to friends in your volunteer's networks who are on a specific voter target list. 

Set Up Actions In District: You can assign actions to folks in a specific district, or ensure that they are able to see which personal friends live in that district. 

Target Spanish and English Content: You can publish actions in English or Spanish, and only target the actions to folks using Impacted in that language. 


How To Get Help From Impactive

Tips for reaching out to us throughout the GOTV season. 

When submitting emails: 

  • Always include as much detail as possible, including screenshots or video of the issue. 
  • Explain what you have already tried to resolve the issue.
  • Add specifics to your subject line:
  • Campaign Name (name as it appears in Impactive), Feature/Thing, Variance
  • Eg: Leslie Knope for Congress: User Lists: Not uploading 


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