Getting Started on Impactive for Web

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Impactive is the easiest way for you to get involved with campaigns and causes that matter. Getting started is simple, follow these steps and you'll be on your way to making a difference 😉 . If you’re looking for how to get started on the Impactive Mobile App, visit our Getting Started on Impactive for Mobile support article.


Creating an Account

  1. Visit!
  2. Go to "Sign-up with Email" and enter your email address; click "Continue".
  3. You will receive an email with a magic link, clicking this link will sign you into your account and take you back to the Impactive website.



Take Action

Once you have joined a campaign, you will see a list of posts and actions that you can engage with. Below are some examples of actions that you can take within the web app to help support a cause or campaign of your choice. Volunteers can filter for different types of activities using the actions filter:



Email A Friend

  • Some actions will ask you to tell your friends about a cause or candidate. Statistically, reminding your friends to vote is the single most effective way of getting more people to vote. Taking the action to message a friend on behalf of a campaign is a simple way to raise awareness for a cause that matters to you - often the campaign will even include suggested messaging for you to include in your email (don't worry, you can always edit it or write your own).



Add a Report

  • Search the National Voter File to assess voting districts and voting frequency. After completing a friend-to-friend action or having a conversation with a supporter, your campaign will ask you to report back on the conversation. You will use the 'ADD REPORT’ tab in the Impactive web app to provide feedback on how the conversation went.



Submit a testimonial or selfie video

  • Some campaigns will ask you to write a testimonial or upload a selfie or video saying why you support the campaign. This is an extremely valuable piece of content that they can share with their members and often you’ll get a shoutout on social media from them thanking you! (It’s a win-win!)

Peer-to-peer texting

  • Your campaign may ask you to send a text to someone they are trying to reach. This will come from a phone number that Impactive assigns you and they will receive an SMS on their phone with the script that the campaign has provided for you. This means that the person you contact will not see your real phone number. Once you've reached out, you can continue the conversation in the Impactive web app via your inbox. Don't forget to report back to the campaign on how the conversation goes!



Social Sharing 

  • Here you'll be able to share a message directly from the campaign on your social channels. It can be to Facebook or Twitter and you can let your friends and family see all the good work you're doing!



Fill a Form

  • Some actions will be a bit more open-ended and might take you to a website to fill out a form. You’ll have to read the instructions closely. Then you can let the campaign know if you completed that action.




  • Have a real conversation! People receive too many transactional messages already.
  • Invite your friends to join in and volunteer right from their computers or phones. It only takes a few minutes.
  • Send gentle follow-ups and reminders. It’s easy to forget things after a while and people are busy.


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