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Impactive exercises strict information security protocols, continuously improves security practices and prioritizes protecting user data. We work with independent reviewers to assess our systems to spot and further tighten privacy settings. Below, you will find a detailed outline of our practices, as well as answers to some frequently asked questions.

We protect your data and give you full control over it. You are able to pick and choose the contacts you want to sync before sending any messages, and you can close your account at any time to automatically delete all of your contact data from our servers.

What happens when I sync my contacts?

Syncing contacts pulls your phone or email contact list(s) onto Impactive. This step allows you to complete friend-to-friend outreach, and engage your contacts in the causes that matter to you. Even after syncing contacts, you retain 100% ownership over your personal data. Neither Impactive nor its clients gain ownership over your data or the data of your personal contacts.

Who can see my synced contacts?                              

Only you can see your synced contacts. If you reach out to contacts on behalf of an organization, and complete an outreach report in the Inbox the organization can see the name of the person you contacted. 

Can Impactive or the campaign/organization I’ve joined contact my contacts?

Neither Impactive nor the campaigns or organizations you are part of can contact your personal contacts.

Can I delete my synced contacts?

You have full control and ownership over your contacts when syncing them on Impactive. All information is encrypted and secure on Impactive servers. You can close your account at any time and we will automatically delete your data from our servers through Settings > Delete Contacts or by sending a request to 

Is my contact information sold to anyone? 

Impactive does not sell your information or the information of your contacts to any third parties.

What does the organization see about me when I join a campaign on Impactive?

When taking action for an organization or campaign, Impactive shares the name you used to sign up for Impactive, actions you have completed, the number of messages you have sent, and which voters you have already contacted. This ensures that campaigns can measure their progress, and use their resources effectively to get as many of their voters to the polls as possible. You can delete your information from our servers at any time by going to Headquarters > Menu > Settings > Delete Contacts. 


What happens to my information when I check my voter registration using Impactive?

If you check your registration through one of our Check Your Registration links, you will need to provide the same information to do so as you do for Impactive sign up. This includes name, email address, phone number and zip code. Our system will only share this information with the campaign through which you are checking your registration, so that the campaign can confirm your registration is checked and up-to-date.



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