"App-less Relational": Relational Organizing on Impactive via SMS and Trackable Links

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Now you can run an entire relational program without ever downloading an app!

Custom Forms and Custom Voter Registration on Impactive are powerful, flexible features that make it easier than ever to mobilize supporters. 

The basic premise is that both Custom Forms and Custom Voter Registration allow you to set up a custom-branded form or voter registration campaign. After filling out the form/voter registration check, your supporters receive a personalized referral link that they can use to recruit additional submissions from their friends and family - no app download or log-in required. Recruits are tied back to the supporter who referred them, so you always know who referred who (and can incentivize supporters accordingly, if desired).

Use this functionality for a wide range of goals: 

  • With Custom Forms:
    • Gather event RSVPs and encourage supporters to get their friends to RSVP too
    • Gather volunteer sign-ups and encourage supporters to get their friends to sign-up too 
    • Gather pledges (to donate, to vote, etc.) and encourage supporters to get their friends to pledge too
    • Conduct a census or survey and encourage supporters to get their friends to respond too
    • ... and any other ways you could use a form! 
  • With Custom Voter Registration:
    • Run a voter registration check campaign where supporters can check their own registration and then get their friends to check their registrations too

Getting Started

The first step is to set up your Custom Form or Custom Voter Registration action - head to the Actions > Forms or Actions > Voter Registration tabs to get started. More on these action types can be found here (forms) and here (VR). 


For Forms, make sure to toggle ON the setting "Allow user to share this form." (This setting is automatic for Voter Registration.) 

That's it! Once you've created and published your Form/Voter Registration action, supporters are free to fill out the form; they'll receive their personalized referral link at the end, which they can share with their network.

On the View Results page of your Custom Form or Custom Voter Registration action, you'll be able to monitor all submissions, including who they were referred by. 



Optional: Paid Relational or Incentivized Sweepstakes

These features also give you the ability to run paid relational programs and/or incentivized (i.e. raffle or sweepstakes) campaigns - because you can keep track of exactly how many recruits each supporter brings in via their personalized referral link. 

For paid relational programs, just give each paid organizer their own referral link for a form or a voter registration campaign (they'll fill out the form/VR themselves first, and then receive the link) and send them out into the field. You can track exactly how many recruits each one brings in, and compensate them accordingly. 

For sweepstakes/raffle campaigns, you can devise your own method of "entries" that supporters receive for bringing in recruits. Learn more here about the incredible relational sweepstakes programs run on Impactive with our partner, HeadCount

(Note that our Custom Forms and Custom Voter Registration features allow you to specify incentives right within the form/VR page, if you want to put them front-and-center for those that submit - perfect for building excitement by specifying the details of a sweepstakes or raffle.) 


Optional: Automated Texting/Broadcast Texting Follow-Up

To further supercharge your Custom Forms or Custom Voter Registration relational campaign, you can leverage Impactive's comprehensive suite of texting tools. There are a couple of particularly helpful options: 

  • Use Automated Texting to immediately send a text message to a supporter that fills out your form/VR campaign, sending along their personalized referral link. (This makes it easier for that supporter to hold on to their link and copy/paste it around their network.) 
    • To set this up: Head to Broadcast Texting > Automated Texting and set up a new texting action. This is the script that will ultimately auto-fire after a form or VR submission. In the initial script, you'll want to include a link to the Form or Voter Registration action that you've crafted; click on the Links button above the script and select Action Links to find the list of actions; use the Web link for the relevant form/VR. This will insert the referral link variable into the script (it looks like this: `{{'test-selina-meyer-for-president-check-registration-5740-web'|trackable}}`); it will magically populate with the submitter's personal referral link when the text is sent. Once you're done writing your script, activate the Automated Text. Learn more about how to set up the Automated Texting action here

    • Almost done! Now head back to your form/VR action and connect it to the automated text: scroll all the way down, enable the Automated Texting integration, and connect the right action. Publish or re-publish the form/VR. 


  • Use Broadcast Texting to follow up with everyone who submitted your form/VR campaign - remind them that they can triple their impact by sharing with friends and family, give them a deadline for recruiting, or any other updates. You can include the same personalized referral link in any broadcast scripts; follow the instructions above to insert that link into the script. 


Optional: Influencer Competitions, via Teams

To further boost your Custom Forms or Custom Voter Registration campaign, use Impactive's Teams and Leaderboards features to create friendly competition among different groups of supporters. You can set up teams for any reason - affinity groups, neighborhoods, etc. - but you can also use teams to set up custom-branded "team" page for certain influencers. 

Each team can have their own custom branding that sits on top of your central Custom Forms or Custom Voter Registration action. It's how clients like HeadCount create individualized sweepstakes for certain celebrities (Harry Styles, Billie Eilish, etc.). 

Head to the Users > Teams tab and click into any team. You'll see that the team has their own unique link to any of your Custom Forms or Custom Voter Registration actions: 



To create custom branding for each team, click Manage Team > Customize Team Page. Again, this branding will optionally add different images/colors for that team's URL for the form/VR, but the core Forms or Voter Registration action will still be the one you created. 



All other functionality described above still works within the Teams system; supporters will receive their own personalized referral link at the end of the form/VR. That URL will now include tracking for both the team and the individual supporter, so any new recruits are tracked back to both the team and the individual. (Links sent out via Automated Texting will also include this per-team tracking, if the supporter submitted their form/VR via a team page.) 


That's it! Use Custom Forms and/or Custom Voter Registration to run a fully custom-branded relational organizing campaign on Impactive with no app download and no log-in required, and leverage all of our extras to supercharge your efforts. 

As always, reach out to support@impactive.io with any feedback and/or questions. 

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