Analyzing Form Results

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There are a few ways to analyze your form results. All of them start by going to the results page — click “View Results” from the form action page, or the graph icon in the Results column from the page listing all forms.


First, you can always export a .csv of all responses to your form by clicking the “Export Contact Metrics” button at the bottom of the View Results page. This .csv file will have the full responses to your form, and you can work with the data using any analysis tool you prefer.


We also have three different ways to understand your form data within Impactive: you can read through the responses, see all contacts who responded, or track responses by team.


The Responses tab will show you all the responses to your form. There are graphs to break down the responses to yes/no and multiple choice questions, and all the answers to short-answer questions are collect for you to read through. This tab lets you get a quick sense of how folks are responding to each question.


The Respondents tab lists each response to the form with information about the contact who submitted the form, including whether they opted in to receiving messages, who referred them, and if anyone they’ve referred opened the form.


The Teams tab shows team-based activity, like how many people have used each team’s link, and how many people have been referred by each team. It also shows the team-specific links for each form, useful if you’re taking advantage of our team-specific form customizations.

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