Folders: Overview

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Article Description: In this article we will walk through how to use Folders to manage and organize your actions and lists via the Admin Dashboard.



With Impactive’s folders, you can help keep your campaign organized by assigning contact and user lists, actions, broadcasts, tags, and custom fields to multiple folders. 


Creating and Managing Folders

Admins can view, create, and manage all of the campaign’s folders from the Folders page, located under the DATA tab.




Creating Folders

To create a folder, select ‘+ New Folder’.




Once you have created the folder, navigate to the contact and user list, action, broadcast, tag, or custom field you wish to assign to the folder. You will need to add each item one by one. To assign it to the folder, select the “...” to the right of each item, select ‘Assign to Folder’, select the folder you want to assign it to, and finally select ‘Update Folders’




Each item that has been added to a Folder will have a folder icon with a number next to it. The number represents how many folders the item falls within. Hover over the folder icon with your mouse to see which folders an item belongs to. 




Renaming Folders

By clicking on the “...” to the right of each folder name Admins can choose to rename a folder by clicking ‘edit’.

Note: Each folder must have a unique name.




Deleting Folders

Admins can also ‘delete’ folders, if a folder is deleted that houses contact and user lists, actions, broadcasts, tags, or custom fields the contents of the folder will not be deleted.




Reach Out

As always, if you have any feedback or suggestions on how we can improve the Folders feature please share it with us at

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