Frequently Asked Questions - Phone Banking with Impactive

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I'm not getting connected to the conference line, what should I do?

Volunteers should login to their cell phone carrier account and make sure that spam filtering is turned off.


I got disconnected from the conference line, what should I do?

If you get disconnected from the conference line, your screen will display a “Connection Lost” message and prompt you to re-enter your phone number, then select “CALL ME BACK




How can I sync my phone banking results with VAN?

To learn how to sync your phone banking actions to VAN check out our article - Syncing Dialer Activities to NGP VAN

Can callers access the phone bank via URL or do they need to download an app to make calls? 

Callers can join the phonebanking action from the web app, or from downloading the Impactive mobile app.


Are there any browser limitations people should be aware of when using the web app? 

No, there are no browser limitations.


Do callers need an account to access the phonebank?

Yes, callers can download the Impactive mobile app from the App Store or the Google Play Store to create an account, or they can create an account and join a phonebanking action from the web app


Is this a true predictive dialer where it calculates how many numbers to dial based on the volume of callers, or is this more of an auto-dialer? 

Yes, this is a true predictive dialer. We have an algorithm that determines the number of outbound calls based on the number of people who are currently available for calls. 


Can we run multiple phone banks at one time?



Is there a way to track in real-time the number of connects/disconnects and the amount of remaining money/minutes in our account? 

“Live stats” include remaining calls, calls already made, contacts made, average wait time, average call time, dropped calls, volunteers on, active, idle, and in-call. We don’t offer prepay so this would not apply, you will get a monthly bill. 


Can we view how fast/slow the dialer algorithm is working? Who should we contact if the algorithm slows to a crawl? 

Yes, under the view results tab you will be able to see the wait times. If you are experiencing unexpected issues with the dialer please contact our Support Team at

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