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I’ve contacted voters in Impactive, but I’m not seeing the results in NGP VAN.

If you’ve contacted voters in Impactive, but are not seeing them in NGP VAN, we encourage you to review the following:

  1. Review whether the voter(s) exist in either My Voters or My Campaign.
  2. Review if your voter(s) VAN ID matches a VAN ID in your NGP VAN database. Impactive cannot match to NGP VAN if there is no corresponding VAN ID.
  3. Review if there is a sync instruction created for your outreach type. If there isn’t one, you’ll have to export the appropriate custom field for the action, either P2P Messaged At, Called at, or Canvassed At and import these contacts into NGP VAN. Note, you can also obtain help from your VAN administrator to backfill this contact history into VAN.

Can I update API keys on sync instructions?

Yes you can! Simply access the sync instruction under DATA > Integrations tab and click on the “...” to update the sync instructions.
PRO TIP: If you ever need to switch or change VAN committees to pull from, but want to keep your same sync instructions, we suggest updating your current key to the new one (as opposed to creating a new key and new sync instructions from scratch). To edit or update your API key click on the "..." button next to the existing API Key, select edit, and enter the information of the new API key.

When I’m configuring the sync instruction for a contact list, I’m not finding the folder containing my list or survey question in the dropdown.

If you don't see any Folders, that likely means one of three things:

  1. Your Impactive API Key does not have access to the Saved Lists feature, in which case you should contact your NGP VAN administrator to ask them to allow your API key to have access to this feature.

  2. Your folder is in another database, either “My Voters” or “My Campaigns”

  3. Your Impactive API Key does not have access to the folders where your Saved Lists are listed. This means you have to login to your NGP VAN dashboard and follow the steps listed below:

    From the left side bar go to My Folders > Click on a folder > Edit (top right) > Scroll all the way to the bottom and allow your Impactive API Key to have access to this folder.

Once the API Key has access, you should see those folders show up! Please note that the API key is still called Outvote after our switch to Impactive.

My survey question is not appearing in the Impactive dropdown.

If you don't see survey questions appearing in the sync instruction setup, that likely means one of two things:

  1. Your survey question is in another database, either “My Voters” or “My Campaigns”
  2. Impactive may not have committee access to your survey question

How do I disable a sync instruction?

You can disable a sync instruction by navigating to the sync instruction under Data > Integrations and navigating to the “...” in the sync instructions. Click “deactivate” on the sync instruction and no new syncs will be applied to NGP VAN.

Can I enable skip matching?

Campaigns can have their VAN sync instructions set to skip matching on contacts that are canvassed multiple times at the campaign level. By default, canvass responses synced to VAN match with previously synced canvas responses for the contact, but this can cause data to be overwritten if a contact is canvassed during different interactions. The skip matching setting ensures that all of a contact’s reports are available, even if they have been reached out to multiple times. To toggle this default for your campaign, contact our Client Services team at

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