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To help you feel confident about the success of your text banks, Impactive offers transparency into text message delivery results. Most of the time messages are delivered successfully, and you can see these metrics under "Initials" and "Follow up messages".

On the other hand, sometimes messages are not delivered to a contact's phone. While this can feel concerning, Impactive helps you draw better conclusions from these texting efforts by listing three metrics for undelivered text messages.

  • Twilio errors
  • Impactive safeguards
  • Carrier filtering

Twilio errors

These are the total number of messages that Twilio (our carrier) encountered an error when attempting to deliver the message to the receiver. You can see the total under the "Twilio errors" box.

If you want to explore more context, you can try exporting messages under the "export messages" button at the bottom of your "view results" screen.

On the messages export, these messages are listed with a 5-digit error code in the "error_code" column. For example, the error code 30003 means that the device that you texted was switched off when the message was received.

Twilio has more context on these in their documentation; however, if you're pressed for time, you can simply navigate to the "aasm_message" column to get a human-readable error message like "Contact has unsubscribed".

Impactive safeguards

These are the total number of messages that were prevented from being sent by Impactive to protect your texting reputation and save you money.

If you want to explore more context, you can try exporting messages under "export messages".

On the messages export, they’re listed by the 4-digit error code, for example, 1302 (aka contact is unsubscribed).

You can read more about these under Peer-to-Peer Texting: What do Message Error Codes mean?

Carrier filtering

These are the total number of messages that were filtered by the carriers (ATT, T-Mobile, etc…) prior to being delivered to the receiver.

On the messages export, they’re listed as a Twilio 5-digit error code, specifically, 30007.

As a best practice, we typically encourage campaigns to cease the text bank if messages start to get filtered. You can email support@impactive.io or your client strategy advisor for more direction on how to respond to carrier filtering.

In the meantime, we're working with our texting provider to ensure that campaigns maintain high deliverability in light of carrier 10DLC updates. Please stay tuned for more updates from Impactive on how to continue to stay up to date with 10DLC best practices.


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