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Friend to Friend Messaging



Creating a F2F Action

Here's how creating a F2F action works in Impactive:

  • First you’ll navigate to your admin dashboard, and click on create a F2F action.
  • Make sure to select a folder to save your action into, in order to keep all your actions sorted and organized.
  • You'll have the option to upload a contact list for your users to reach out to (more on this below). You should title your action, and write a description that will tell your users what the action is about. Then select the start button you'd like to use, such as message friends.
    • With the Impactive Suggested Contacts feature, your campaign can target outreach to contacts in your volunteer's networks who are on a specific voter target list. After your volunteer syncs their personal contacts to the app, any suggested contacts from your list will show up with a star next to their name for your volunteers.
  • You can choose multiple filters to apply to your volunteers' contacts to show them who is most important to reach out to. These filters include: District (including city, county, and electoral districts), Party, and Voter Frequency.
    • When a user syncs their personal contacts in the app, Impactive will attempt to also match those contacts to the voter file. Any contacts that match with the voter file can be filtered by District, Party or Voter Frequency, if you turn this option on it the Contact Autofilters Section



Scripts and Report Settings.

  • Once you’ve decided on your filters, it’s time to build your scripts. You can create one or multiple initial messages you’d like for your volunteers to send out, including different scripts for different contact types. The different contact types available are: Text, Email, Phone Calls, and Social Messages. You can write one or more initial messages for each contact type.


  • In the app, volunteers will be asked to choose their preferred contact method for reaching out to their contacts. The app will filter a user's contacts depending on what contact type is chosen, allowing them to email their contacts that have email addresses or text their contacts that have phone numbers.
  • After you’ve written initial messages, make sure to write corresponding replies for each contact types, so that your volunteers can follow up with your contacts easily and have meaningful one-on-one conversations. Remember: these are conversations users are having with people they know. Keep the replies informal and make sure that users know they’re able to edit them and put them in their own voices when using the friend-to-friend action.
  • By including tags and custom fields in your replies, your volunteers can track reply data as they are sending messages so that you know the result of their conversations.
  • The last step of creating a F2F action is setting up your report settings. After your users have a conversation, you'll want a record of what happened. In report settings, you'll choose which tags and custom fields you'd like users to fill out about the conversation.


  • You can additionally include tags and custom fields in a report that accompanies each conversation. You should ask volunteers to fill that out so you get the complete picture of what happened in each conversation.

View Results and Exporting

You can track the performance of your text campaign using the view results page built into your action page in the admin dashboard.

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