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Peer to Peer Actions (for Admins)




This article will help you understand how to track performance and manage senders in peer-to-peer actions.

How it worksScreen_Shot_2021-12-13_at_12.00.54_PM.png

After completing a peer-to-peer action, you can view results, track and manage your volunteers' work, and see how your messages performed with contacts. To access this information, click on Actions in the admin sidebar, then Peer to Peer. Find the action you are looking for, then click on 'View Results' next to the action.


Overview SectionScreen_Shot_2021-12-13_at_12.04.29_PM.png

At the top of the results page is the Overview Section. This section is a summary of user actions taken, not conversation metrics. Here's what each box means:

  • Sent to: The number of volunteers the action was sent to.
  • Seen: The number of users that have seen the action
  • Started: The number of users that started the action
  • Completed: Users that completed the action
  • Performs: Number of times that a user completed an action
  • Reports: How many reports were filed.


View Reports

Screen_Shot_2021-12-13_at_12.05.04_PM.pngTo view the reports that were filed, click on "View Reports" link in the Reports box. Here you can see summary statistics for the action's tags, custom fields, and response scripts.


Message Performance

Screen_Shot_2021-12-13_at_12.05.33_PM.pngThe message performance section provides more in-depth information for you on the deliverability of your messages. Here's what each box means:

  • Available Reports Filled: Total number of reports filled out for this activity based on the unique number of responses received.
  • Initial messages: The number of initial messages that were sent
  • Responses: The number of times contacts responded to messages sent
  • Follow-Ups: The number of replies users have sent after initial messages
  • Opt-Outs: The number of contacts that opted out of receiving future texts
  • Messages Remaining: The number of initial messages left to be sent
  • Needs Attention: Replies from contacts that need a response
  • Twilio Errors: Messages that Twilio flagged with an error
  • Carrier Filtering: Messages that cell carriers filtered
  • Link Clicks: Link clicks by contacts


DataSync Summary

Screen_Shot_2021-12-13_at_12.06.03_PM.pngUse this section to see which of your tags and custom fields have successfully synced into your database of choice, such as VAN or PDI. 


User Engagement

Use the user engagement section to track your volunteers' work in sending initials and managing replies to your P2P action.




Use filtering to narrow your campaign's users down to a custom list. You can use this feature to track users' work based on whatever filters you've chosen.

  • Click on "Filters" dropdown. Note: "Activities Received" filter will automatically have the P2P action filtered
  • Click on any of the toggle filters. Fields must be toggled to "on" position to filter users.
  • Click on any of the dropdown or text filters.
  • Use "Apply Filters" to see users matching the selected filters will be listed in the table below. The number of users matching the filters is displayed at top of the filter menu

User Engagement Actions

Screen_Shot_2021-12-13_at_12.08.03_PM.pngYou can contact your filtered user list from the user engagement table in the following ways:

  • Send Push Notification: You can send a push notification to anyone on the filtered list.
  • Send Email: You can send an email to anyone on the filtered list. NOTE: The reply-to address is support@impactive.io. This means that you will not be able to see any responses that users are attempting to email you in response.
  • Send Message: You can send a Direct Message to your users' Impactive inbox.
  • Send Action: You can send a new action to your users.


Re-assigning contacts

Screen_Shot_2021-12-13_at_12.09.05_PM.pngYou may wish to re-assign contacts to a new user for multiple reasons. For example, your user that sent out initial messages may not be available to reply to responses from contacts. Here's how to re-assign messages to a different user:

To re-assign contacts from one user to another user, simply click the three dots on the right side of user list, then click 're-assign contacts'. Choose which user you'd like to reassign contacts to, and they will populate in that user's inbox.

For a more in-depth article on re-assignments, click here.





After your action has been completed, you can export all of the data into a spreadsheet. At the bottom of the Results page is a list of export formats that you can choose from.



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