Scripts Overview

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Scripts in Impactive are the messages that you send to your contact lists, volunteers, friends or family.

Script building is integrated into many actions in the Impactive digital action suite. Writing scripts streamlines and expedites the message sending and reply process for actions like: Peer to Peer, Broadcast, Friend to Friend, and My Turf. (Phone banking has scripting as well, but because it's more in-depth it's described in its own page here.)


Scripts are broken into two sections: initials and responses. Initial Scripts are the first message a contact will receive. You might write multiple initials to test which one is the most effective. Response scripts are written in anticipation of your contacts replying to your initial message. You or your message senders will choose which response script is appropriate to send back to a contact after they respond to your initial.

  • By writing out multiple initial messages, you'll have the ability to A/B test which initial performs best. All your volunteers have to do is click send.
  • Taking the time to write out follow-up replies is also important. Your volunteers won't have to make up a reply to a common question on their own: instead, they can just choose a reply you've already written and click send!
  • You can tag and sort responses to your messages easily by integrating tags and custom fields into your script. You can set up a tag to be automatically applied when a volunteer sends a specific response message. Or you can ask volunteers to fill out a report after each conversation.

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