Surveys Overview

Action Description:

Impactive surveys allow you to send a form to collect important information from your users. Your users will fill out questions that correspond to a tag or custom field, and the data will be synced back to you when they complete the action.




Creating the action:

  • Navigate to the admin panel and click on Actions then Surveys, then click on Create Action.
  • Write a title and action description to let your users know what this survey is about, and what kind of information you'd like them to submit.
    • Choose the questions that you want your users to answer. These questions will either be True/False questions (tags) or Open Questions (custom fields) that you've already created under your campaign settings. If a question hasn't been created that you'd like to use, you may need to create a new one.
      • (Don't forget to map your tags or custom fields to VAN or another CRM if you're using one!)
  • Before finishing the action, decide if you want to publish it now or schedule it to be published at a certain time.
  • You can track the performance of your Survey campaign using the results page built into your action page in the admin dash.

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