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Peer to Peer Actions (for Admins)




Peer to peer (P2P) texting has revolutionized campaign outreach programs because it allows organizations to send individual messages to large numbers of people quickly and efficiently. P2P texting allows you and your staff or volunteers to send one-on-one messages to thousands of campaign contacts and manage replies in real-time. It’s perfect for high-volume outreach programs, like turning voters out to the polls on election day.




Creating a P2P Action

Here’s how how creating a P2P action works in Impactive:

  • First you’ll navigate to your admin dashboard, and click on create a P2P action that you’ll eventually share with your staff or volunteers.
  • You’ll choose the list of contacts you’ll be texting - likely one you’ve uploaded earlier using our contact lists tool.
  • Once you’ve decided who you’re sending to, it’s time to build your scripts. Create one or multiple initial messages you’d like for your volunteers to send out. Then write reply scripts so your volunteers can follow up with your contacts easily and have meaningful one-on-one conversations.
  • By including tags and custom fields in your replies, your volunteers can track reply data as they are sending messages so that you know the result of their conversations.
  • You can additionally include tags and custom fields in a report that accompanies each conversation, and ask volunteers to fill that out so you get the complete picture of what happened in each conversation.

P2P Inbox

  • After you’ve published your action, you can assign your texts to specific users, user lists, or teams to send. Your users can manage replies in their Impactive inbox. Your inbox is filtered by Needs Attention and Unread, and allows volunteers to send scripted replies and file reports back to your campaign with information about what happened during the conversation. You can give users access to send and reply to texts by sending them an action link.
  • Using the Keep Assignments feature, you can choose to assign texting volunteers to predetermined contacts, so that your contacts are consistently are hearing from the same volunteers.



Tracking responses and data

  • You can track the performance of your text campaign using the reporting tool built into your action's page in the admin dash.
  • Once you're off and sending texts, check out our guide on calculating P2P costs, so you can keep your budget in order while your texts are being sent!


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