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This article will show you how to integrate Impactive with VAN nationally or across multiple states using the "Target State" field. This enables campaigns to sync VAN using the same API key in an Impactive campaign by overcoming the limitation where VAN_ID's are not unique state-by-state.

How it works

First, you will need an API key that has access to your national or multi-state instance in VAN. Add this API key to Impactive using the instructions here: "Add your API Key".

Next, follow these two key steps to ensure you can integrate VAN across multiple states.

1. Ensure all contacts are uploaded with the state abbreviation field.

Upload a contact list as you usually would using the instructions here: "Uploading a Contact List"; however, use the 'state_abbrev' column as well as the van_id. Include state abbreviation as a value: ie, "VA" for Virginia. Here's an example:


2. Create a sync instruction using the "Target State" field.

Create a sync instruction as you normally would by following the instructions here: "Syncing P2P and F2F Custom Fields to VAN"; however, include the "Target State" field in the sync instruction. This ensures that VAN syncs to IDs in a particular state (ex: Virginia).

Simply select the state abbreviation you will integrate under "Target State". For example, below, we want to make sure that the field is syncing to IDs in the state of Virginia. We'll select "Target Value": "VA".



Go ahead and create your sync instruction.

Once the two steps above are completed, Impactive will sync to the correct contact in your national or multi-state VAN instance.

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