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Assigning users to specific contacts is a great way to ensure that volunteers have peer-to-peer conversations with contacts they're familiar with.

For example, are you going to be assigning lists to volunteers based on region, frequently called "turfs"? Assign those peer-to-peer contacts to volunteers responsible for a turf.

Additionally, do you have an export of contacts from a particular precinct and only want your precinct captains messaging those contacts? Assign this list to the precinct captains responsible for this territory.

How it works

Keep volunteers assigned to specific contacts by following three significant steps.

  • Create a list for your turf/precint outside of Impactive
  • Assign a volunteer to a list of contacts via list upload.
  • Toggle "Keep assignments" on your peer-to-peer action.

We won't be covering the first step, but please ensure that once you create a list for upload into Impactive, that it's in CSV form and at least includes the first_name, last_name and phone headers.

Assign a volunteer to a list of contacts via list upload.

To assign contacts to volunteers via list upload, upload a CSV with assigned_user_email mapped as a header. Under the header rows, input the email of the volunteer.

For example, if you'd like to assign Abe to your contacts, add abe@example.com under the assigned_user_email column on your contact CSV. Here's an example of how you would map the column.


Complete the upload, and Abe will now be assigned to those contacts.


Keep assignments

Once you've assigned contacts to the volunteer(s) of your choice, create a peer-to-peer action as per usual, but with one notable exception; toggle on "Keep Assignments".


"Keep Assignments" will ensure that contacts can only receive messages from assigned users. In this case, only abe@example.com will be able to message the list above. If Abe tries to perform the peer-to-peer action, he'll only be able to text the people assigned to him on the list. 

On the other hand, if other volunteers try to perform the action but are not assigned to those contacts, they won't be able to access those messages, and instead they will receive a "no remaining contacts" screen.


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