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Users & Lists




Impactive offers multiple roles and permissions for admins to allow campaigns to control who has access to different levels of program management.  


Impactive offers 3 different admin roles and 1 'User/volunteer' role which come with default permissions

  • Owner - Can access to all Impactive functionality including billing and subscriptions.  Can manage any roles.  
  • Admin - Can access to all Impactive functionality except billing and subscriptions. Can manage other admin roles and permissions but not their own.  
  • Staff - Can only manage actions, invite volunteers & exports data.  The Staff role may have add-on permissions for user list management or data management.  Cannot manage other admin roles.  
  • Volunteer - Can only access the campaign they are invited to via the web or mobile apps.  They do not have any access to the admin dashboard and only the sync permission applies to this role. 


Add-on Permissions: 

All roles may have the following permissions turned on or off:

  • Sync Permissions - Allows user to sync their personal contacts with Impactive and is set to 'On' by default.  
  • Welcome Permissions - Allows the admin to be the designated sender for welcome messages sent to new volunteer/users for that campaign. 
  • [Broadcast only] Broadcast-Handler Permission - Designates the admin as a default handler for any Broadcast messages or Optin responses that do not have a designated user handler list assigned.  
  • [Broadcast only] Broadcast-Sender:  Allows the admin to send broadcast messages.  

Where to manage admin permissions

Go the the Users tab

  • When inviting a new user you can select the role and add-on permissions for that user. 
  • Alternatively you can select one or multiple users using the checkbox and choose 'manage permissions' from the dropdown at the top of the table.  

Owner role

The owner role can manage all Impactive functions including billing and subscriptions.   


Admin role

The Admin role can manage campaigns and all Impactive functions with the exception of billing and subscription.  All new admins will automatically be assigned this role.  


Staff role

The staff role was created to give admins access to manage Impactive programs while limiting them from making larger changes to the campaign or managing other admin permissions and roles.  

The staff role specifically gives users access to the following:

  • Ability to create and manage actions
  • Upload and manage contact lists
  • Download exports across multiple different areas of the admin
  • View all information on the Users tab
  • View all information on the campaign tab

The staff role cannot do the following:

  • Update campaign details
  • Delete lists
  • Manage billing
  • Manage broadcasts
  • Send communications using the engage tools
  • Update settings

The staff role can be enabled when inviting a new admin under "Users" or by navigating to the "Change Permissions" dropdown and selecting "Staff" under "Select a role".


Add-on Permissions

Add-on permissions enable expanded access to functionality on the platform.


Data Add-on Permission 

Enable admins to edit and manage settings including tags and custom fields, integrations, and more.

This permission is turned 'off' by default for staff role and automatically included in the Admin and Owner roles.  


Manage User Lists Permission

Allows a staff role expanded access to the Users, Lists, and Engage tabs.

This will enable users to do the following:

  • View Campaign tab
  • View Users tab
  • Manage contact, user, broadcast (opt-in) lists
    • Create and manage folders
    • Send push notifications, emails, DMs, and actions
    • Delete lists
  • Send communications to Users on the Engage tab


Broadcast Add-on Permissions

These will only be present for broadcast-enabled campaigns.  

  • Broadcast Sender: Broadcast messages can only be sent by admins who have the 'broadcast sender' add-on permission.
  • Broadcast Handlers: These designated admins will be default handlers for any broadcast or optin that does not have a designated handler user list assigned.  A handler is an assigned User to any broadcast and optins response.  They will see the responses in their inbox and can send follow up messages.  Responses will automatically be routed (and randomly assigned) to any users who have 'broadcast handler add-on permission' for that campaign. Note that any user on an 'assigned user handler' list can respond to broadcast messages and does not need the 'broadcast handler' add-on permission.

Welcome Message Sender Add-on permission

Designate an admin or staff member as the sender of the "Welcome Message" from the Campaign tab.

Sync Permission

Toggle on this permission to prevent a volunteer from syncing contact data back to the campaign.


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