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Friend to Friend Messaging




The new and improved Friend to Friend action encourages your volunteers to organize their friends and family through multiple contact methods including phone, email, text, and social media. 

To learn more about the Friend to Friend action visit the Friend to Friend Overview and Friend to Friend: Creating and Managing support articles. 


Script and Contact Methods

Campaigns can now extend specific scripts to their volunteers based on contact method. This functionality enables campaigns to extend templated phone, email, phone call, and social message copy so that volunteers are on-brand with the campaign’s messaging across contact method.




email_f2f.gif IMG_C021F43813E9-1__1_.jpeg



Similar to the initial script functionality for texting, a campaign can now create initial scripts specifically for email, phone, and social messages. The initial scripts functionality can be specified in the Friend to Friend creation page in the new "Initial" scripts section. Click the dropdown to enable a channel-specific script. To learn more about Initial Scripts check out the Initial Scripts support article.




All Friend to Friend actions include the option to text, email, call or social message. That being said, if an admin wants to use an identical script across contact methods, they do not need to add an initial script for each method type. By default, each contact method will inherit the initial texting script and will use it as the default script for phone calls, emails, and social messages. If an admin wants different scripts for different contact methods, they can create a unique script per contact method by selecting a contact method from the “Add Initial Script” dropdown. 


Initial scripts can also include an action image. To attach an image to the initial script, drag and drop the image under the “Basic Information” section. To attach the image to the initial script, enable the toggle below "Attach action image to all initial scripts." If an admin wants to disable the image in the script, they can keep the toggle off. This means that for each contact method, admins can choose to include or exclude the image within the initial script.




Volunteer Experience - Friend to Friend Contact

On the mobile app, volunteers are now required to choose how they want to contact their friends and family: either through a phone call, text, email, or social message. 


Once a volunteer chooses a contact method, they will be prompted to sync their contacts with the Impactive app if they haven’t already done so. After they have synced their contacts, they will be able to select which contacts they wish to outreach per the selected contact method.

Next, each contact method will allow a user to filter their contact list by the contact method.

  • For phone calls and texting: the app will filter a user's phone for contacts with phone numbers.
  • For emails: the app will filter a user's phone for contacts with email addresses
    • Volunteers can proceed to send call, text, or email a contact using their phone's native phone call, text messaging, and email features.

For social messages: the app will include share links to Facebook or Twitter, or allow you to copy and send the message through your phone.




Users are able to edit the initial message and have two options to do so. 

Pro-Tip: In Friend to Friend messaging, clicking ‘send’ within the Impactive app still requires an additional confirmation through your messaging platform of choice.

  • Option 1: Users can edit the script directly within the app by clicking in the Initial Message bubble. It’s important to note that editing the script within Impactive carries over for every other contact they are messaging. Editing the script within the Impactive app will save the change for all future messages.
    • For example, if you are editing the script within Impactive and add an emoji, it will update the script to include that emoji for all following contacts you message.

  • Option 2: Click send within the Impactive app and edit the message within your phone’s native app.
    • This is best practice if you do not want to implement a permanent change in the script.
    • In this instance, you will edit the message after you hit the ‘send’ button in the Impactive app. Clicking ‘send’ within the Impactive app will open your native messaging platform where you can make edits to the script per just that immediate contact. 
    • This is recommended if you are making minor changes like updating a contacts name or adding emojis. 

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