Salsa Labs Integration

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This overview will walk through how to integrate your Impactive instance with Salsa Labs. Salsa Labs is a relationship management tool that you can send data too, the same way you can integrate our data with NGP VAN, or PDI. 


To begin, you'll want to ensure that you are uploading Contact Lists with unique IDs from your Salsa database. Learn more about uploading contact lists here. 


To set up your integration, navigate to the Settings Tab on the Admin dashboard. Once there, select the Integrations tab. You'll be asked to add an API key, which is a unique combination of letters and numbers that will allow Impactive and Salsa Labs to communicate.  Screen_Shot_2021-02-10_at_10.25.27_AM.png

You can name the integration whatever works best for your records, input the API key, and click Create. 



If the integration was successful, you will see an "Active" box. If there was an error, an error box will show up, and we recommend you attempt to enter the API key once more, ensuring no spaces or typos, and afterwards, reach out to our support team at 

Next up, you will tell Impactive which data you would like to send to Salsa Labs, and to which fields specifically. 




Check out the video tutorial here for creating a sync instruction in Salsa Labs: 


In order to set up a sync instruction with Salsa Labs, you must beforehand know exactly what the Tag or Custom Field is called in Salsa. Be sure that when you are typing that out in the fields in Impactive, you write it exactly as it would be in Salsa.


Please reach out to us at with any questions. Thank you!

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