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We get it: not all peer-to-peer contacts will respond to initial action messages. So what do you do with them? A follow-up message or two is probably fine when reaching out to these unresponsive voters. But beyond that, it's probably worth removing these folks from your actions and lists moving forward.

Text messages currently get through the morass of campaign email and social media messages because they are personal and relevant. Send too many texts, and you risk people treating them just like any other spam email. Additionally, too much follow-up to unresponsive contacts can confuse volunteers into thinking they're sending duplicate messages: don't confuse your volunteers!

Encourage opt-outs

Opt-outs are good! They help your campaign stay compliant with communications laws and ensure higher delivery rates for peer-to-peer messages. 

Impactive has also introduced a setting to include opt-out language in every peer-to-peer text message. This additional language lives at the end of every initial outbound script and does not count towards the 160 character limit per text. It reads as follows: 

“Reply STOP to unsubscribe.” 

If you're interested in turning on this setting, navigate to "Advanced Options" in your peer-to-peer action and check "Include Opt Out Language".


This screenshot represents an older design of our application. The look and feel of this feature may be different on your instance of the app. Please stay tuned for an updated screenshot.

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