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Peer to Peer Actions (for Admins)




Peer-to-Peer Regulatory Changes

Impactive partners with Twilio to deliver all of our peer to peer messages. Twilio has recently implemented new protocols that require any consumer who receives a peer-to-peer message to have a clear opt out option. 

There is more information about this recent Twilio update here. If there is no explicit option to opt out of a communication in the first peer-to-peer message, it may be filtered by the carriers and prevented from being sent. Additionally, campaigns should ensure that they are not utilizing link shorteners in message text, as this will lead to decreased deliverability.

Importantly, this change will affect all major peer-to-peer texting providers and is not unique to Impactive. 2020 will be a record breaking year in terms of political SMS messages sent. This decision by carriers aims to enforce additional regulations to prevent consumer complaints. The changes Impactive is making in response are to protect your campaign both from a legal perspective and to ensure texting program effectiveness for voter contact.

Impactive’s Actions

To ensure that Impactive’s clients are in compliance with this update, and to ensure that all peer-to-peer messages maintain a high delivery rate, Impactive will allow you to turn on a setting that includes additional language at the end of every initial outbound script. This language will not count towards the 160 character limit per text, and will read as follows: “Reply STOP to unsubscribe.” If you are sending texts in another language, we recommend that you include this content in that language as well.

Impactive will provide a checkbox for you to activate this setting. If you do not enable this setting, your campaign will be responsible for providing evidence of opt in to Impactive should it be requested. If unable to provide evidence of opt in, your campaign (not Impactive) will be held liable for any violations of the law.


The checkbox can be found by:

  1. Navigating to the Action tab
  2. Creating a peer-to-peer action type
  3. Writing scripts and clicking on Advanced Options below the initial Script
  4. Toggling the box to add the Opt Out language


The Impactive team will add a setting for you to include this language at the end of every initial outbound peer-to-peer message starting on Tuesday, October 6th, 2020. Follow up messages and friend to friend messages will not be affected. Please reach out to us at support@impactive.io with any questions or concerns.



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