[Archived] How-To: Auto-Tag Voter Responses

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Peer to Peer Actions (for Admins)




The screenshots in this article represent an older design of our application. The look and feel of this feature may be different on your instance of the app. Please stay tuned for an updated screenshot.


If you'd like a voter to be automatically tagged with an activist code or result code, you can set up an auto tag such that any voter who receives a specific script will automatically be tagged. 

To set this up, navigate to create an action on the "Actions" tab, and set up all of your scripts, as shown below. You will see an "advanced options" drop down that you can click into.



Next, you can select a specific tag, or multiple tags and custom fields that will be activated when the voter receives that script response. 



In this example, when a volunteer sends the voter the script confirming an RSVP for an event, that voter will automatically be tagged as RSVP Yes. If the VAN Integration is set up, that data will be sent to VAN.

You can see here it is possible to select multiple tags you'd like to auto select.Screen_Shot_2020-07-21_at_9.16.49_AM.png 

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