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Peer to Peer Actions (for Admins)




For P2P actions, if a person replies with Stop, Unsubscribe, Remove, Quit, Stopall, Cancel, or End, Impactive automatically tags their number with a special tag named "Opt Out". When a contact is marked with Opt Out on Impactive, your campaign will never be able to send P2P texts to that contact again via Impactive, even if the same contact is part of future contact list. This logic cannot be bypassed.

If a contact uses other language requesting to be removed from the list, you can also manually tag them with the "Opt Out" tag to add them to the Opt Out List to be removed from future texting. Once added to the Opt Out List, contacts cannot be removed.

If your campaign creates an additional tag, such as Do Not Text, the backend of Impactive doesn't function the same way. That is a separate tag you can track on your own if you choose. However, Impactive will not add people with a Do Not Text tag or any other tag to the special Opt Out list. If they use for example a Wrong Number tag or use language to indicate that, the system will not mark that contact as Opted Out.

We recommend training volunteers to use the Opt Out tag, as it adds additional safeguards to protect your campaign and comply with federal communication law. 




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