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Tags: Creating and Managing

Custom Fields: Creating and Managing



In order to gather the best data possible for your campaign, union or organization, we recommend setting up tags and custom fields on a per-action basis. This will allow your volunteers to have conversations with friends and contacts, and then easily report back relevant information to your campaign on volunteer prospects, supporters, and more. 


Viewing Tags and Custom Fields on the App

Volunteers will be able to fill a report on their friends and contacts if they have sent an SMS message to a friend or cold contact. They can also fill a report on someone they have looked up in the voter file. 

The contents of the report include tags and custom fields that the campaign creates in Settings: 



Choosing Custom Fields and Tags on a per Action basis

Now, whenever you create a new action, you have the ability to decide which tags and custom fields will show up on the report for anyone reached via that action. 

Once you have created all of your preferred tags and custom fields on the Settings page, you can create a new action and select which tags you'd like to show up on the "fill a report" pop up. If you choose none of the tags, then the default tags will show up for your volunteers. 

Keep in mind that if you create a brand new tag or custom field on the Settings tab, sometimes it will take a few minutes before that new tag is displayed as an option under a specific action. 



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