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Impactive understands that campaigns, advocacy organizations, and unions use NGP VAN to create lists by cutting turf and segmenting voters using its many filtering tools.

Because we want our users to leverage these lists in Impactive, we recommend using our Contact List sync feature to automatically pull those lists into your campaign on a daily basis.

Setting up this sync will allow for data to flow two ways - to and from VAN and Impactive. 



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To set up a Contact List sync, go to Settings > Integrations > Create Sync Instruction (you'll need to have an active API key already set up to do this.)

1. Toggle "NGP VAN" under "Instructions For".
2. Name your sync instruction in "Instruction Name". We encourage you to make it something memorable ie: "Precinct #1".
3. Select "Contact list" under "Instructions for".
4. Under "Contact list name", create a name for the list. This is the name that will appear under Lists > Contacts.
5. Select the integration and database.
6. You must select SMS Sync as the VAN Export Type.
7. Find the VAN folder with your list under "VAN Folders".
8. Choose the VAN List to Sync in final field.

Click "Create" to finalize your contact list sync instruction.


Contact list syncs are not dynamic. If you need to resync changes from static list in VAN, visit your Sync Instruction in Date > Settings and click on the "..." to reveal the "Resync list" button. Click the button and the list will resync within a hours.



If you don't see any Folders, that likely means one of two things:

1) Your Impactive API Key does not have access to the Saved Lists feature, in which case you should contact your NGP VAN administrator to ask them to allow your API key to have access to this feature.


2) Your Impactive API Key does not have access to the folders where your Saved Lists are listed. This means you have to login to your NGP VAN dashboard and follow the steps listed below:

From the left side bar go to 1.) My Folders 2.) Click on a folder 3.) click on edit folder (top right) 4.) scroll all the way to the bottom and allow your Impactive API Key to have access to this folder.

Once the API Key has access, you should see those folders show up! Please not that the API key is still called Outvote after our switch to Impactive.



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