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Campaign Set-Up: Overview






This article explains the customizable features available to onboard users to your campaign explaining features including the customizable welcome message, the campaign's branded view, and onboarding questions you can ask users.

Your campaign onboarding experience is fully customizable. To begin, we recommend customizing the following fields:

  • Terms and Conditions
  • Terms and Conditions Link
  • Privacy Policy Link
  • Onboarding Instructions
  • Onboarding Video

Below are more advanced customization options you can set up to welcome your volunteers more effectively.

Welcome Message from Staffers

The welcome message is automatically sent to a volunteer's inbox the first time they visit the app. 

On the Campaigns page you write the text of the message and on the Users page you assign administrators you'd like the message to come from by adjusting their permissions.

Each volunteer joining the campaign will have the opportunity to speak directly with your welcome messenger in their Inbox. This is a great way to directly communicate with your volunteers and ensure they can reach your administrators when needed.




Campaign Branded View

This view will be visible on web to those who haven't signed up yet and those who are not logged in. To customize this view, go to the Branded View tab on the Campaign page to pick and choose what copy, image/video, icons, and highlights you'd like to show.

You can preview the branded page before setting it live.



Onboarding Questions

You can survey users by asking them them a specific question upon signing up. To pick and choose what questions you'd like to ask, go to Settings > Custom Fields and set them using the Onboarding Question checkbox.

This will prompt your users to fill out surveys about themselves upon becoming part of your Impactive campaign.

You can choose the display order of the questions and change the prompts to whatever you'd like. Finally, if you'd like these questions to show up on your default reports - turn on "Reportable" and "Default Report".






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