How does the voter matching algorithm work?

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Impactive automatically matches personal contact data to the National Voter File to help you determine which of your friends might need a reminder to register or vote.

While most platforms match at about a 20% rate, Impactive generally matches about 30% of contacts. This can be higher or lower for individual volunteers based on how accurate their contact data is. For example, if you tend to write full first and last names in your contact data, it will be much easier for the algorithm to find a match.

When we don't find a match, there are generally 2 main reasons:

1) There are too many people with a similar name to know for sure which to use for a match.

2) We can't find anyone with that name or something similar.

Luckily for most contacts that aren't matched, you can easily go to the profile page, find the contact you want to match, hit Search, and easily look them up yourself!

Many times, all you have to do is add the state in which they live and that will be enough to find them. It is also possible and helpful to select an age range if you know your contact's age. Sometimes, it will also help to search for the full formal name of your contact to better match to the voter file which uses full formal names in the registry.

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