How to Customize your District for your Campaign and Actions

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Article Description: In this article, we will walk through how to customize your campaign on Impactive for your district. 


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As a campaign administrator on Impactive, you can make it easy for volunteers to find friends that live in a specific district. You can also create actions that are only visible to volunteers in a district. This allows you to maximize your organizing impact in specific geographic areas. 

There are two ways to customize your district:

  1. Enable the In District Filter
  2. Target actions to volunteers in specific districts.

Enabling the ‘In District’ Filter

Impactive allows you to set up a district for your campaign. The benefit of the district feature is that it enables the ‘IN DISTRICT’ filter under Contacts in the volunteer app for your campaign. Choose one or many districts as the default districts for your campaign where volunteers will be able to see which of their friends live in the matching districts.

  1. To enable this view, navigate to the ‘CAMPAIGN’ tab on your Impactive admin dashboard. 
  2. Select ‘Add A District.’ From there, you can select a state and corresponding district(s), county, and city. Then, click, ‘Ok’
  3. When finished, click ‘Save’.



Volunteer Experience - ‘In District’ Filter

When searching their contacts in the app or through a Friend to Friend action, volunteers can filter their phone’s contact list by those who are registered to vote within the campaign’s district(s).

  • Note - Not all friends will match to the voter file, either due to voter file inconsistencies, or lack of information on friends in people's phones. You shouldn't rely only on the in district filter to identify supporters. 


Action Targeting by District

The second way that you can customize your campaign’s district on Impactive is to make it so that any action you publish is only visible by volunteers who live in that district. You can learn more about action publishing here.

As an example, an administrator might want their volunteers who live in CA-45 to be the only volunteers who are sending peer-to-peer messages to their fellow constituents, so the administrator will make the action only visible to CA-45 residents. 

Note - For each action, you can choose to publish it “in district” so it only appears for those volunteers.

Here’s how to target an action to volunteers who live in a specific district:

  1. To set this up, navigate to the "ACTIONS" tab on the Admin Dashboard. 
  2. Select "+ Create New” and choose Peer to Peer as your action type.
  3. Under “Ready to Publish” select ‘Add A District", and select which level of detail you'd like to set. When finished, click ‘OK’.
  4. Once you click publish and the action is live, only your volunteers within that district will be able to view and complete the action. 
  • Note - The action must be kept private. If you publish as public to all volunteers, the in district distinction will no longer be relevant. Set_Volunteer_District_Demo.gif


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